Miracle Mondays Meditations – Complimentary Weekly Audios

Are you still trying to figure out how to calm the mind and go within?
Have you been told by your doctor to try meditation but can’t quite get started?
Are you having trouble actualizing your dreams, especially a loving relationship?

No more excuses.

You can start your meditation practice right away with Tamara’s COMPLIMENTARY ongoing weekly international meditation group, all from the convenience from your computer.

Make every Monday Miracle Mondays by joining Tamara and others from around the world!!

In keeping with her strong belief of being of love and assistance, Tamara runs a complimentary (that’s right , **FREE**!!!) weekly international meditation group which she calls Miracle Mondays. 

Miracle Mondays is for anyone who desires:

 A daily practice of quieting their mind and slipping into peace.
 Activating love for self and others
 Experiencing more joy and harmony
 Turning into their own inner guide and wisdom
 Starting each day in a positive frame of mind
 And so much more…

Meditations are emailed straight to your inbox every Monday.

Sign up for Miracle Mondays Below

No more excuses! Start your meditation practice now!!

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