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What You Didn’t Know About Meditation Will Calm You Down Now

I am busting the myth that all meditations are quiet and serene. Actually, some can be quite active, powerful and releasing. Before jumping in and getting physical, first, tune into what’s upsetting you.

Part 1 – What’s Bothering You?

Is something upsetting you? Then, the meditation below will help calm you right down. Go ahead and find out what that is. Does it have to do with a comment someone made or how you are harshly judging yourself? Maybe it’s about your relationship or lack thereof? Good, you are getting to what’s bothering you.

Now feel it… feel your emotions completely and notice where it lands in your body. When you tune into your body, you can locate it right away. I know you don’t like feeling this, and I promise that you’re going to release it soon during the meditation portion of this blog, but for now, just feel it. Be with it. Don’t judge it as “bad”, but allow yourself to feel this feeling entirely. Good for you, because this is not easy.

Score this feeling. What number (from 1 through 10) are you giving this emotion and physical sensation? Example: If you are feeling something between humiliated and neutral, then give yourself a score of 3, and so on.

1 – Worst ever (Humiliated, Despair and Anxious)

5 – Satisfied (Neutral)

10 – Best ever (Peace, Love and Joy)

Make a mental note of this score and begin the active meditation.

Note: This meditation is even more effective if you are listening to rhythmic music or drumming. To listen to an audio of this meditation with Tamara’s voice and powerful music, you’ll want to check out 21 Days to Self-Love Meditation Experience. The meditation written out below is Day 10 of this program. For the next 48 hours only, this entire transformative meditation program is 50% off!

 Calm Your Upset Now Meditation:

Part 2 – Loosening Up

Take off your shoes (flat shoes are OK but no shoes are best). Stand up, feet shoulder’s distance apart and let your knees go slack. Begin to gently bounce up and down. You can lift your heels off the floor every time you bounce up if you want, or, just keep your heels on the ground—either way is fine.

For a total of at least 3 minutes, bounce up and down, up and down, up and down… get into a good tempo. This gentle bouncing is rhythmic. Whenever I do this meditation, I have the vision that I am a Native Indian riding bareback on a horse that is galloping across the plains.

Let the muscles in your face go slack. Release your jaw. Lower your shoulders and let your arms and hands go, as they are dangling at your sides. Let them flop around as you bounce. Consciously let your back muscles go free. Release your stomach muscles. The main muscles working here are in your legs. Everything else needs to completely relax.

By moving your body up and down, you are creating a flow of energy from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You are also releasing your muscles and causing relaxation, which occurs when your focus is on your body. When you are upset, the focus is on your thoughts, which creates stuck energy somewhere in your body. Negative energy often gets stuck in your joints, so gentle bouncing begins to open up your joints and your chakras that createa a nice flow of energy throughout your body. Tension in your muscles is the result of being upset, so keep moving up and down to release the built-up tension.

If you are feeling some physical pain, exhaling out of your mouth will help ease that pain. Don’t stop bouncing if it’s only minor pain. Where there is pain, there is stuck energy. If you hang in there, the minor pain will cease. If the pain is severe, however, then sit on the floor or in a chair and move your head from side to side instead, as if you are shaking your head “no”. This also relieves tons of stuck energy out of your stinkin’ thinkin’ head.

Keep gently bouncing up and down. Begin to smile. This immediately releases endorphins and frees your brain and body from what it’s holding onto. For one full minute more, keep bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down…

Okay, stop bouncing and shake out your hands and feet as if you are shaking off some mud. Shake your hands, shake your feet. Shake, shake, shake. Now, with your arms at your sides, turn your palms facing forward and feel the energy. You will probably feel a tingling sensation. That’s good. Notice how your entire body has responded to the gentle bouncing. Feel the currents of energy running up and down your body.

Part 3 – Explosive Release

Now that the energy is flowing much more freely throughout your body, get ready for the very active part of this meditation where you will truly release your upset. It’s going to be a total of 5 completely explosive and powerful breaths (always inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth):

  • 1st Explosive Releasing Breath Breathe in and expand your chest while holding up your arms over your head, high, high, high above your head. Now, blow out your breath while throwing down your arms and hands with total force toward the floor. Let it go! Good! Rest for a second.
  • 2nd Explosive Releasing Breath – When you breathe in, fill up your lungs completely and lift up your hands – all the way up, up, up…now let it go with all your might, release what you have been holding onto, as if you are throwing it all down into the earth. Perfect! Rest for a second.
  • 3rd Explosive Releasing Breath – Again, breathe in sharply, hands up and gather up that negative energy, gather it up, gather it up, gather it up… and throw that negativity down to the floor with all of your might. Release it now! Excellent! Rest for a second.
  • 4th Explosive Releasing Breath – Breathe in all the way, hands up, hands up… gather, gather, gather… and throw it down with 100% of your energy. Let it go!!! Wow, that’s powerful! Rest for a second.
  • 5th Explosive Releasing Breath – Last one, breathe in, in, in… hold it and gather the remains of that negative energy and now throw your hands down with all your might releasing it all.

Good, breathe in a deep calming breath… shake your hands then shake your feet – to shake off the remnants of stress and upset.

Part 4 – Feel The Calm

Sit down and completely relax. Put your hands on your lap with palms up. You did an amazing job. You released a ton of negativity. Feel proud of yourself because you did a great job using your potency to let go of some harmful stuck energy. Feel your energy freely flowing throughout your body.

Remember in the beginning, when I asked you to feel this upset in your body to see where it landed? Do you remember where you felt this stuck energy in your body? What was the score that you gave this feeling before the meditation? Give a new score to how you feel as a result of this meditation.

1 – Worst ever (Humiliated, Despair and Anxious)

5 – Satisfied (Neutral)

10 – Best ever (Peace, Love and Joy)

Did your score higher? Are you feeling better? Most of you will be feeling much better than you did just minutes ago.

Part 5 – Visualize Yourself Feeling Good

Since you freed yourself from some negative energy and opened up some space within your cells, it’s important for you to fill in this newly opened space with what you desire. So, take a moment to visualize yourself feeling cool, calm and at peace for the rest of your week. Go one step further and turn this visualization into a statement or affirmation. For example, I Am the center of my peace, or, I feel good.

Acknowledge yourself for doing a great job!

This powerful meditation is Day 10 of the 21 Days to Self-Love Meditation Experience, a transformative program that helps you reach your love goals, including loving yourself madly. For the next 48 hours, this amazing program is 50% off! Click here to invest in you and in love.

3 Action Steps Now To Stop The Next Round Of Arguments


There you go again. You and your partner fell into that awful pattern of yelling, negativity and even threats of leaving the relationship. You both are miserable but can’t quite figure out how to fix this problem. This has been going on for far too long and you are both sick of it, yet perplexed on how to solve this frustrating and endless cycle.

Even though things may have calmed down, you need an action plan now to help prevent the next round of arguments. Your next fight just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and ends your relationship for good.

As a couple’s counselor for over 27 years, I can say with absolute conviction that this action plan works. I guarantee that if, starting today, you follow this plan to the tee, you will stop this relationship-killing pattern and completely turn things around. Is it an easy plan of action? No. Is it worth it? A resounding yes! But then, our most challenging patterns turn out to be our greatest lessons in life, right?

Take These 3 Action Steps To Prevent The Next Round Of Arguments:

1. Take full responsibility for your part in the argument.

It’s time to get humble, authentic and honest. Leave your victim-type thoughts and words out of this conversation. Victim consciousness includes blaming, judgments, criticisms, complaints and accusations. This step requires you to own up to your part, NOT THEIR PART, only yours. Make a list of your behaviors and words during the argument that you are not proud of. This takes guts but you can do it, especially if you want to stop this crazy pattern that you and your partner are in. Use your list to create your ‘I’m taking responsibility’ statements.

Here’s an example of what you could say to your partner: “Now that things are calm between us, I’d like to take responsibility for my part in our argument. I was blaming you for ___(fill in the blank)___ and that wasn’t helpful or kind. I am sorry for saying what I said. I have decided that I need to work on my habit of blaming. Please forgive me. I don’t want this to ever happen again, so I’m making a commitment to work on changing it.” Extra kudos points if you tell your partner what you are committed to do to make sure you will not do this again: start therapy, take an online course, do a workshop, read a self-help book, take up meditation, etc.

Do you want to start a meditation practice, but don't know how to begin?  You don't have to do it alone! Sign up for my Miracle Monday Meditations to take part in my 21 Week Meditation Challenge. 
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2. Commit to the 90-10% Rule.

Spend 90% of your time and focus looking at your behaviors and emotions versus your partners. Instead of looking at what they need to change, you make a commitment to changing you. Spend 10% of your time focused on the relationship and on your partner. 90% you – 10% your partner. The interesting thing is, the more time you spend loving and honoring you, the more able you are to authentically love your partner. In other words, your partner benefits tremendously when you are taking care of yourself.

By the way, this 90-10% rule also works great in other areas of your life. For example, if you are an entrepreneur, spend 90% of the time working on you and 10% of the time working on your business. The 90-10% is a secret to success and happiness. 

3. Make a daily and forever practice of gratitude.

This one tip has saved marriages on the brink of divorce, so this is yet another powerful part of the action plan. What you focus on is what you experience. So please stop focusing on what you don’t like or want anymore. Be in the practice of telling your partner at least 3 things about them that you are grateful for – every single day. Tell them what you admire, what you love about them and what they do that makes you feel happy and special. That way, you’ll get more of what you love about them and less of what you don’t.

Same goes with you. Everyday, tell yourself at least 3 things of what you love and admire about yourself. In other words, compliment yourself – a lot!

Do you want to start a meditation practice, but don't know how to begin?  You don't have to do it alone! Sign up for my Miracle Monday Meditations to take part in my 21 Week Meditation Challenge. 
Don’t want to wait until a whole week between meditations, visit my shop to purchase the whole 21 Day bundle.

You Will Experience Your Love Desires: 3 Universal Truths That Prove This, Part II

IMG_2582I know an amazing woman named Brooke. She came to one of my workshops where I gave the homework assignment of writing on Post-It notes, “The Universe Has My Back,” and sticking them all around the house – as a constant reminder that we are always loved, supported and guided. Brooke did so, even though her kids teased her. But that didn’t stop her because she was soothed by the daily reminder that, yes indeed, the Universe really does have her back.

Today, Brooke sent me a photo of a miniature-sized Adirondack Chair with the words written on it, “The Universe Has Your Back Brooke” (see photo). Her daughter, 14-year-old Jill created it at her camp and sent this photo to her Mom.

Two weeks ago, in my blog, You Will Experience Your Love Desires: 3 Universal Truths That Prove This, Part I, I gave you 3 Universal Truths that prove that your love desires will actualize. Let’s explore, then, why you haven’t yet created them and how to unblock this loveless and vicious cycle.

Universal Truth #1: You have a Higher Self that guides every moment of your existence.

Are you tuned in to that guidance? Every thought you have is like a hypnotic suggestion, therefore, what are you thinking when you think about love? What are your true beliefs about love? If you are single, you may have a belief that love is difficult to attract, or, that you have to give up something (like yourself) to have love. Or maybe you don’t believe that you are good enough for love. If you are already in a relationship, then maybe you believe that you shouldn’t fully trust because you’ll just get hurt or dumped. Therefore, the question to ask yourself is, are your thoughts hijacking your love intention?

 Tip to tune into your own higher guidance: Write a list of every complaint you have about your love life (or lack thereof). One by one, take each complaint and say the opposite. In other words, turn it into an affirmation that you’ll repeat for the next 30 days. For example, if your complaint is that it’s difficult to find love. Switch it to the opposite by writing, “It’s easy to find love.” Go ahead and turn each complaint into a positive and reap the benefits of a rewired and positive mind.

 Universal Truth #2: Time exists only in this moment.

Having a grudge about something that happened in your past or having ill feelings about someone is the fastest way to sabotage your good intentions for love. Also, focusing on the future that’s not even here yet is often not helpful. For example, one of the fastest ways that women sabotage a date is by immediately deciding whether the guy is marriage material or not. Ladies, please stop that because it takes you right out of the present moment and produces anxiety for you and your date.

Tip to stay present: Do what Brooke did. Stay calm and present by reminding yourself that the Universe has your back. Go ahead and write that on at least 20 Post-It notes and stick them around your home. They will be your constant reminder to stay present, relax and enjoy your life as it is.

Universal Truth #3: Having a desire means that it will actualize.

Most people doubt this and try to use their brains to figure out what to do instead of being with what is. People tend to stick with their bad habits of negative self-talk and behaviors.

Tip to have what you desire: Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have.

I’d like to thank Brooke for sharing her daughter’s beautiful creation and for reminding us all that your love desire will actualize if you let your Higher Self guide, love and support you.

4 Self-Nurturing Habits That Help Conquer Relationship Agony

rowingDuring my undergraduate years at University of Southern California (USC), I rowed starboard for Women’s Varsity Crew. I loved the sport, even though the physical pain during races were almost unbearable. Sophie Pendrill, one of the Lightweight 8 U.S. National Champions, was reported as saying in The Scarsdale Inquirer (my local newspaper), “I was in so much pain. It’s very hard to explain the amount of pain I was in, but it was happy pain because we wanted to win by so much, and we did!” Sophie and I understand that if you want something bad enough, not only are you going to go through pain to get it, but it’s also worth it in the end.

Like rowing in a regatta, relationships can certainly cause tremendous pain, even agony. However, relationships are so worth it, right? What would life be without them? Nothing. Therefore, I’ve devoted my career to attracting, nurturing and preserving loving and healthy relationships. Would you like to find out how to have less pain and stress in your relationship? Then keep reading…

I was fortunate to be interviewed on the Making Dads Fertility Telesummit last week by Kristen Darcy. If you want great tips on how to get through stressful times in your relationship, then I strongly recommend that you listen to this very fun and upbeat hour on Google Hangout. It is filled with tools to get you through relationship stress during challenging times. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Did she just say that it was a ‘fun and upbeat hour’ about stress in relationships? What’s fun and upbeat about that?” Well, you have to watch the video to see how to stop taking all that ‘serious’ stuff so seriously. In doing so, your relationship will reap the benefits. Here’s an overview of what Kristen and I discussed during the interview:

4 Self-Nurturing Habits For Happy Relationships

  • Mindfulness: Be mindful of your thought patterns. What are you telling yourself about your situation? When you feel into that, does it feel bad or good? If it feels bad, then you are operating from judgment and fear. If it feels good, then you are operating from awareness and love. To keep you functioning in awareness, then ask yourself, “What unawareness am I using to create the ___(pain/agony/hopelessness…)___ that I’m choosing.” Don’t answer this or you’ll fall back into judgment. Instead, just ask and notice how much lighter you feel.
  • Calm your mind and receive. A relationship problem is a receiving problem. An unsettled mind is the equivalent to being un-receiving (which means you’re in judgment and fear). When you’re not receiving, you are blocking all the good stuff that’s trying to come your way. A meditation practice is a great way to receive loving energy on a regular basis. Join the Miracle Mondays Meditation community for free weekly guided meditation audios.
  • Take care of your inner child. Due to your relationship challenges, are you beating yourself up or feeling like a failure? Then, your inner child is suffering big time. And, if your inner child is suffering, then you’re causing yourself and your relationship unnecessary misery. Can you imagine if you were walking down the street and saw a terrified child being yelled at by their parent? Essentially, that’s what you’re doing to your own inner child. It’s time to change that damaging pattern to one of care, love and nurturance. Start today with a practice of complementing yourself, even for the tiniest things. For example, complement yourself for getting up and out of bed this morning. Don’t stop there; keep complementing, until you feel lighter and better.
  • Write a fan letter to you. Be your own avid fan by being in the practice of writing wonderful letters to yourself. For example, list all the reasons why you are a good person, how caring you are, and how proud you are of your accomplishments. Doing so will keep you feeling very good about yourself. When you feel good about you, then your relationship challenges will most likely dissolve.

Practice these self-nurturing tips to become the champion in your relationships – that is, the relationship with your partner AND WITH YOURSELF.

If you’d like to watch my entire interview on Restoring Intimacy and Healing from the Making Dads Fertility Summit  last week, you can watch it here! Thanks to Kristen Darcy for having me!


How To Heal Your Relationships That Cause You Pain

girl in forestSome years ago, I had a difficult relationship with someone.

Whenever I was on the phone or visiting this person, she always found something to criticize about me and about my life. It got to the point that when I knew I was going to see or talk to her, I would get anxious and angry, even weeks in advance. The more I started working on my issues, however, the more I realized that she was a reflection of me in terms of what I didn’t like about myself.

She was unconsciously expressing these things right back to me. She was simply a mirror to my lack of loving myself. Whenever you are looking for someone to give you the love that you are not willing to give to yourself, you create need. I certainly thought I needed her validation – which was an unfair expectation.

So, I asked the Universe to help me shift my perspective and to love myself and her all at the same time. When I woke up the next morning – I envisioned a technique of healing this relationship.

The truth is, you are whole and complete within yourself now. Whenyou authentically love yourself, you begin to attract the type ofrelationships you yearn for, which is based in oneness rather than need. When you operate from this loving Self, you are able to honor other’s perspectives, without arguing about their “wrong” viewpoint or being attached to your “right” viewpoint. Different perspectives are just that – different – not wrong nor right.

And BTW, the result of the Healing Your Relationship visualization I did with this person so many years ago was downright miraculous. Because I stayed focused on loving myself, not needing or expecting from her and then visualizing what I wanted to experience, that next visit with her was fantastic!

She, without even being conscious of it, was mirroring the love and respect that I was feeling for myself. It was a wonderful visit filled with smiles and hugs.

Tamara’s Tips:
1. See what your relationships are reflecting back to you. It takes courage but it’s so worth it.
2. Stop the “I’m right” and “You are wrong” game and be open to other people’s point of view.
3. Keep focusing on what you want in your relationship vs what you don’t want or fear. What you focus on is what you continue to experience.

3 Secrets To Honoring The Struggle

Today’s guest blogger, Jennifer Urezzio shares her wisdom in dealing with your own personal struggles by looking into your soul to change your perspective. I hope you find it as enlightening as I have. Enjoy!


– Tamara

3 Secrets To Honoring The Struggle

Jen u

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, the struggle is so unbearable that I don’t want to be in it…I want it gone and gone NOW! Isn’t it true that we judge our struggles because it might seem, in comparison to others, no big deal? Yet, when you’re in the thick of it, it sure feels like a big deal.

Reluctance in honoring your struggle and unwillingness to seeing the blessings in your situation actually creates more discomfort, upset and pain. And if that’s not bad enough, this energy gets stuck in your body and generates even more chaos in your life. For example, this often happens with not accepting and honoring the grief process because one becomes afraid of feeling and honoring their pain. The energy of this pain then gets stuck in the lungs, which can cause respiratory issues.

Honestly, its tough to embrace the difficult times, but when you do, it really does turn your struggles into blessings.

Jennifer’s 3 Secrets To Honoring The Struggle:
  1. Ask to be shown the blessings in this situation. It may be a challenge, but it certainly helps to make a declaration. Here’s a statement I suggest making; I honor this struggle and experience the blessings in this situation!
  1. Have a conversation with your Soul. Talk to your soul by holding your hand over your heart with the intention to speak to your central self – that part of you that has never been hurt and knows no fear. You can start with the simple question; What do I need to understand about this situation to honor myself and to heal?
  1. Remind yourself that the Divine has your back. This very practical advice (although it might not feel practical) is about you feeling the comfort of the Divine and knowing that the Divine has your back. You can do this by asking to feel the sensation of being loved and protected by the Divine (note: your mind is going to try and veto this, but just allow your body and the Divine to take over). If you have difficulty in doing this, then get help by a spiritual practitioner, like myself. I suggest you connect to this feeling a couple times a day during periods of struggle.

Thank you Jennifer for your words of wisdom. Its wonderful to know that we are not alone in our pain and struggles and that we can turn to our own heart for connection and comfort.

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive and the founder and spiritual director of Know Soul’s Language. Soul Language is a way to consciously connect with your Soul that was received through Divine Guidance. Understanding your Soul Languages allows you to access your own Soul’s guidance to accept your value, be more confident, have more impact and grow into a stronger leader.




Lost My Friend, Yet Gained My Soul

treeIt was Friday the 13th and I woke up thinking, “Yep, it’s just a regular ol’ Friday.” Getting dressed for my favorite yoga class of the week, I heard a voice inside my head that said, “Long walk. Long walk.” Arguing with the guidance I was receiving, I said, “No long walk! This is the class with drumming, body tapping and deep meditation. I love yoga Fridays!”

But again I heard, “Long walk, long walk.” I guess this wasn’t any ol’ Friday after all. Feeling confused, but knowing that I had to honor what I was getting, I dressed for the February artic chill and headed out the door. Ear buds in place, I was listening to soul-centered music that danced in the nooks and crannies of my awakening brain and beginning to surrender into my choice of following my intuition and not my logic. I said to myself, “OK Universe, I’ll take the long route today,” a 1 hour loop from start to finish. “This way, I can visit my friend,” the giant Beech tree on Bradford Rd.

About 10 minutes in, I get a call from my buddy, an amazing healer, Kay, who was sharing her perspective on being a single Mom with her bully of an ex-husband, who continuously creates havoc in her and their children’s lives. With frustration, she blurted out, “I just don’t know how to fix this!” Within minutes, we had the realization that she was stuck in the energy vibration of ‘not knowing how to fix this’ and therefore was finding herself experiencing a lot more situations that seemed impossible to fix.

In her “Ah ha” moment, I felt her energy expand out as she was experiencing her own surrender. I, too, was receiving a healing, one that my brain couldn’t explain but that my body knew and was thankful for. We were both gliding along on the energy of awareness, self-realization and presence. “Yep,” I thought to myself, “I definitely wasn’t supposed to go to yoga today.”

Turning the corner on Bradford Rd, I felt the familiar rush of excitement because, within seconds, I would be greeting my gargantuan friend. I didn’t know anything about this tree, but due to his enormous size, I surmised that he had to be very old indeed. Being empathic, I certainly sensed his wisdom and loving spirit. For years, while ambling by, I have said, “Good morning tree, you are looking wonderful today.” In response, I always got the warmest ASMR-like* tingles down my spine, as if he was shaking down some stardust from his tallest branches.

A year ago, during one of my long walks, I was on the phone with another healer friend of mine, Tom, whom my buddy Kay had introduced me to. As I strolled underneath the gentle giant, I told him about my love for this tree, when, out of the blue, I heard the faintest whisper, “Connect to my heart.” I told Tom what I had heard. Like myself, he has had many astonishing moments with trees and nature throughout his life. In fact, it was Tom who taught me how to locate a tree’s heart and ask for it’s healing energy. As I stood ‘with’ Tom under this massive healer, we instantaneously felt a powerful vibration fill our hearts and bodies. Being in awe of the amount of affectionate and tender energy we had just received, we were filled with gratitude and spent the rest of the day floating on a cloud of wonder and reverence.

OK, I left you suspended on Bradford Rd on Friday the 13th. I’m still on the phone with Kay, when quite abruptly, I yelped in horror, and, very surprised by my own sudden emotion, instantly burst into tears. She thought I was hit by a car, and exclaimed, “Tamara, are you OK!?” So stunned and unprepared by what I was witnessing, I was speechless as tears rolled down my cheeks. Feeling Kay’s alarm, I finally choked out, “I’m fine, I’m fine, but my tree! My friend!” and described the scene that I was witnessing – 2 men with chain saws, cutting into the enormous trunk that was lying on the ground, chopping it into smaller, yet still huge pieces and using a crane to get the chunks into their dump truck. The loss I was feeling was instant and palpable.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man watching me, witnessing the shocked expression on my face. When making eye contact, he scooted his car closer to where I was standing in the street. Rolling down his window and with choked-up sentiment, he said, “This is a very sad day for me, too”. He introduced himself as Stephen from the company, SavATree, and explained that he has nurtured and cared for this gorgeous Beech for 15 years. “Why was he cut down?” I squeaked out, still filled with emotion. Stephen said, “The tree died this past Fall, leaving the owner heartbroken. She needed time to say goodbye, but finally gave us the go ahead to take him down.”

Beginning to release the tension in my jaw and shoulders, I began to feel better, even though I still felt very sad. Gradually, it all started coming back to me, that moment 3 months ago when I looked up and saw only brown leaves, not green, and while shaking off the thought that maybe the Beech was departing this earth. Stephen went on to share that the owner bought the house because of this tree, feeling compelled to live near such a wonderful specimen of history and character. I felt even better knowing that the owner cherished this gorgeous soul as much as I did, if not even more. Along with many neighbors in this community, Stephen loved this tree, too. There was no way anyone could walk by without taking in its grandeur and being moved by the marvels of nature. I am sure that throughout the years, there have been many people who have been deeply touched, and even transformed by this tree.

I thanked Stephen for helping me understand what was going on. As we bid a friendly farewell, I felt a sense of peace flood over me as I initiated my return home. So engrossed in my conversation with this kind man, I didn’t realize the phone line with my buddy was still open. “Kay, are you there?” She responded with some sniffles and said, “I am moved to tears by what I just overheard. What an incredible tree.” We conversed as I walked home, pondering the phenomenon of synchronicity. It was yet even clearer why I was not to go to my yoga class that day. I wouldn’t have understood why the tree had to come down nor would I have heard about the people who have loved and nurtured it throughout the years. About 10 minutes later, Kay blurted out, with vehemence, “Tamara, you have to go back and ask that good man for a piece of that tree, as a token of what it represents for you.” Through Kay, I knew that I was receiving more guidance. This time, I didn’t argue and immediately headed back to Stephen and my fallen pal.

As I approached his car, he welcomed me with his affable smile. For the next 20 minutes, I learned more about our wooded friend. Not a native to the US, this European Beech (Fagus Sylvatica) lived 150 years, a typical life span of this particular specie. When I asked if he died of old age, this Arborist replied, “Yes and no. Very old European Beech trees are extremely susceptible to bores, wood decay, fungi and Phytophthora Bleeding Canker, which this tree had finally succumbed to.” With fondness, Stephen spoke about other ancient trees in our area. He talked about Susie, the owner, who truly loved this tree with all her heart. When asking him for a memento, he said, “I’ll do better than that, Tamara. Give me your address and I’ll deliver a keepsake to your door.” Filled with gratitude, I thanked him and finally made my way home.

Within 1 hour, I received, at my front porch, a gift of a lifetime, a beautiful section of one of the tree’s limbs (see photo). To my delighted surprise, the dark spot near the center of the specimen looked to me like a heart with an arrow through it, my all-time favorite symbol (not to mention we were 1 day away from Valentine’s Day). Also astonishing, Kay, without even knowing what was being delivered, had emailed an image of a tree with a heart in its center.

What a magical morning this has been. Unlike what Friday the 13th usually signifies, this morning was neither spooky nor dark, but one of heart-felt emotion, healing, kindness, synchronicity, honor, guidance, reverence and excitement. For all of us who knew and loved this European Beech, we may have lost a friend, but have gained a deeper understanding and connection to our souls.

My Gratitude:

To the owner, Susie, who has loved and valued this tree, and in doing so, gave the neighborhood a relic of healing love.

To Stephen Skyer, who passionately treasures and cares for our wooded friends. Please visit his website and find more details on Stephen and other heroes like him at SavATree.

To Kay and Tom, who share my love and appreciation for all trees on this earth.

To the European Beech, for all you have given us throughout your lovely life, it has not gone unnoticed. You will be cherished for years to come.

* Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs. UrbanDictionary.com 

“And the boy loved the tree…….very much. And the tree was happy.”
Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree

Celebrate Your Challenges… Yeehaa!!

bigstock-Chrysalis-Of-Butterfly-23950472Research shows that 87% of those surveyed would love to learn more about unlocking the gifts of their challenges. Are you one of these people?

My good friend, Judy van Niekerk, is hosting a FREE event to mark November 24th as International Day to Celebrate Your Challenges. This day is dedicated to acknowledging the gifts that challenges can bring.

To help you create the life you’d love to live, global speakers, authors and evolutionary leaders will share their 100’s of years of incredible wisdom on how to unlock the gifts that lie in each of your challenges.

As one of the presenters, I reveal the spiritual reasons for “challenges” and how to breeze through them.

Listen to a soundbite from my presentation now!

Other guests will cover topics including challenges regarding:

Lack of self-love, finances, business, relationships, sexual abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism, critical disease, loss of a loved one, divorce and much more. Each presentation is only 30 minutes in length and all are available via a FREE membership site.

To access this free membership site (where there is absolutely NO selling), log on to www.CelebrateYourChallengesDay.com and you will be notified this Monday, November 24th when each presentation is going live.

And, you get of tons of gifts! Yay!

There are incredible gifts being offered by all of the guest speakers including one-to-one consults and so much more. Some gifts are limited offers only, so please make sure you sign up today and encourage your friends and family to do so, as well. You won’t want to miss out on these gifts!

Isn’t it time we each change the global conversation and begin to celebrate our challenges? Isn’t it time we take the fuel out of negativity and, instead, nurture self-forgiveness and self-love? Absolutely!

Join today on www.CelebrateYourChallengesDay.com and dialogue with others around the globe who are equally dedicated to creating a shift in society’s perception to challenges. This membership site is FREE and yours to access for life! You can go back to any of the presentations anytime – FOREVER!

As Ghandi once said “Be the change you would love to see in the world”



5 Absolutely stunning (and FREE!) meditations that will get you through life and love

bigstock-Portrait-Of-Female-Yoga-Hands--47076091Life happens to all of us. From love to heartache, wins and disappointments – you can’t escape life. It comes as no surprise that I am a lifelong meditation activist. For me, it is truly vital to live a life as uncomplicated from external and fleeting upsets as possible. I believe meditation brings you closer to the world around you. In fact, it makes you one with the world – with your energies mingling into a force that flows and pulsates love.

Indeed, the more you meditate, the more you evolve into a higher state of consciousness. That is a truly beautiful place to be. You gain clarity in your mind and soul. You find yourself approaching “problems” with a calm resolution. You experience completeness, joy, vibrance, physical and mental health, peace of mind, lack of stress – fathomless benefits to your body and soul with only a few minutes a day!

This is why I have made sharing the power of meditation my mission. Thank you for reading my message, now I invite you to listen to my meditations and I wish you to experience the peace and joy that it has brought me. These are the 5 visual guided meditations that I have created to share with the world. Let my soothing voice, stunning visuals and expertly crafted original music created by Grammy Nominated Composer, David Dachinger of (www.ddmusic.com) guide you to healing, wellness and love. Enjoy!

  1. Receiving Meditation

    A love problem is a receiving problem. So many people know how to give but not how to receive, or receive enough. Giving to others is great, but often, people tend to over-give which creates scarcity. Therefore, receive, receive, receive — which creates balance and harmony in your relationships.
  2. I Am Sorry Meditation

    Forgive yourself and heal your heart to find love.
  3. 7 Keys to Actualize What You Seek Meditation

    Watch this stunning guided meditation to help you actualize what you seek and find love.

  4. Heartbeat Meditation

    Watch this stunning guided meditation to release anger and heal yourself.
  5. Does Your Love life Suck? Then Stop Dreaming Small Meditation

    YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE! Learn how to manifest the relationship you desire with this guided meditation.

Watch these meditations and share share share! This is meant to help as many people as possible to open them up for love and healing. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!

Meditation beginner? No problem! You have the most to gain. Check out my tips for meditation beginners below.

Tamara’s tips for beginner meditators:

  • Start with guided meditations (I recommend about 20 minutes per day, every day). If you are trying to work through a specific problem (i.e., self-esteem, relationship, health), then it takes anywhere from 21 to 30 days of daily meditation to begin to experience true results. Thoughts wander like crazy for beginners, so it’s helpful to give your stinking thinking brain a job, such as following a guided meditation. The brain needs a job to keep it out of the your way to what you are trying to achieve (a quiet mind or neutral state).
  • Become the observer and the witness of your thoughts during meditation. In other words, as if you are a scientist who is collecting data for research, notice YOU having a thought, DON’T JUDGE IT, then consciously decide to go back into the guided meditation (into the neutral state).
  • Be patient with yourself, be light and even laugh at yourself at having thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up during meditation. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has plenty of thoughts, feelings and emotions during the beginning practice of meditation. It’s normal, normal, normal. Be grateful that you are motivated, even excited, to embark on a life transformative experience.
  • DON’T GIVE UP!!! Keep going. You’ll hit road blocks, but stay disciplined and committed to the practice and you’ll work through them, and everything else in your life.

21 Days to Self Love Experience

so excited 1Can you imagine what it would be like to feel limitless? Can you imagine altering your biology through the use of your own energy? This is within reach through meditation.

Meditation is powerful. In just minutes per day, it can release your aching heart, exhilarate your senses, make you feel loved, grounded and filled with purpose. When your thoughts, feelings and emotions are calm and neutral, you enter into a space of pure potential and possibilities.

With meditation, the physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more high vibrating energy. As this level of high vibration energy in the body increases, the result is joy, peace, and enthusiasm.

I am offering a complimentary daily meditation – 21 Days To Self Love Experience! I am a firm believer in giving back and striving to enrich the lives of as many people as the universe will allow. I believe in it so much that I have made it my life’s mission.

Meditation is the simplest and purest way to achieve all that you seek and helps people in all walks of life – and all it takes is your beautiful mind! It gives me great pleasure to announce this new and wonderful way I can fulfill my mission.  I am so passionate about meditation and know that it has transformed my life in so many ways, but especially in loving myself. It’s in meditation that I receive daily blessings and I wish very much for this bounty to be yours.

The 21 Days to Self Love Experience – what is it?
On Oct 8th – Oct 28th, I am doing a 20-minute daily meditation live call (replay links available) for 21 days in a row. This is totally free and all are welcome to join and be uplifted.

This is 21 days of live 20-minute meditations to get you in line with what is really important as we go about our daily tasks.

The calls begin on October 8, 2014 at 8:00pm ET and continue every day after that until October 28, 2014. 

I offer this 21 Day Meditation Experience as a service to raise consciousness in the world and finally gain freedom through the power of meditation. It’s a powerful and transformative experience where many people experience huge benefits.

If you truly commit to the full 21 days of daily meditation, you will:

  • Transform your negative self-talk and thoughts into a powerful and loving dialogue with yourself
  • Release old beliefs (i.e., I’m not good enough) and create new ones that work for you (i.e., I love me and my life!)
  • Love yourself madly
  • Enter into a state of bliss and joy everyday
  • Take that huge problem in your life and transform it
  • Release the emotional addictions to your past
  • Be an integral part of my book What Is Your Love Vibration?
  • Access to all of the replay links throughout the 21 days

Come on, it’s time to invest your energy into possibilities and a life of pure potential. From October 8th through to October 28th, every evening at 8:00 PM ET, I will be on a call with you live for a 20-minute meditation that will rock your world.

A fun way to celebrate the 21 Days to Self Love Experience:

Here’s a fun way to allow YOU to shine! Post on facebook, Instagram or twitter a selfie that shows how YOU contribute to yourself. This can be a selfie of you taking a much needed ice cream break, walking on the beach, practicing yoga, or reading a good book – the possibilities are endless!

Let me have them for 21 days using the hashtag #21dayselfielove

Make sure to follow me on twitter and like me on facebook!

Get to loving yourself and sign up for this TOTALLY FREE offer below: