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Better You, Better Love, Better Life

Ready to create a reality that’s better than your dreams?

You have a power within you to reach your full potential – everyone does. When we are young, we’re not taught how to tap into this internal dynamic force. My job is to ignite your capacity to actualize what you desire – a loving relationship, a better job, improved health, living from your Highest Self, and happiness. You deserve it all. 

With my guidance and powerful processes, I have helped thousands of…

  • Single men and women find their soulmates
  • Married couples to rekindle their love and their physical and emotional intimacy
  • People connect to the Wise One within, making it possible to authentically love themselves and their lives

It is with joy and honor that I do this for you, as well.

Tamara Green is AMAZING! I have been working with her for over a year now and all the changes in my life are a direct result of the work I have done with her. Honestly, in all the counseling I have had in my life (since age 5 when my parents forced me to see a counselor until now - I just turned 52!) Tamara is the ONLY PERSON EVER that has affected real change! Without the love and support of Tamara, I would be stuck forever in my past, my pity-party, and my self-destructive negative attitude. Instead, I have a loving relationship with my teenage son, a new job making more money than ever, and the new car I have always desired. And, with my new positive and open attitude, I attracted the man of my dreams! All thanks to the love and support of Tamara!

Amy C. from Virginia, USA

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Tamara, you were great to chat with and more than motivational, to say the least. As I told you, what I really need in life is a good kick in the butt, both personally and professionally. First, the love thing. Second, my shyness. And third, my fear of failure. Thank you for helping me to clarify the obstacles I’ve been operating from. With your help, I know I’ll be fine and ready to kick butt in my life!

Peter R. from New York City, USA

21 Days to Self-Love

Travel the path to self-love and healing when you tune in to all 21 of these beautifully crafted meditations PLUS a bonus activation.

Tamara set up the sequence specifically to take you through a transformative experience. With this bundle, you will have an all-access pass to the meditation page where you will have 24/7 access to all of the audios to download.

What are you waiting for?

Forever Access For Only $9.97

I did the entire 21 days of meditations and actually released bitterness toward my ex and my mother. I feel free for the first time in many years. I am going to do the 21 days again and see what I release this go around. How can I ever thank you for what you’ve done for me? You are a gift, Tamara.

Love, PJ from California, USA

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~My Vision~


I envision a world where people architect a joyful life through self-care and loving kindness by accessing their natural wisdom and resiliency, thereby unleashing a worldwide epidemic of mental, emotional and physical wellness.