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Burn flame fire vector background7 Sacred Flames to Transform Your Life Webinar

Thursday, April 23 @ 8:30pm EST
Do you lack confidence in yourself? Do you still carry the hurt of past relationships with you?  Do you feel like you need a mental and emotional tune-up? Well, I’m here to help!
In my webinar,  7 Sacred Flames To Transform Your Life, I will explain what the Flames are, why they’re beneficial and how to effectively use them for the most transformative results. You too will gain the knowledge,
clarity and freedom that these Flames provide.
Just to give an overview, here is what you’ll experience when using the Flames on a regular basis:
  • Clear all energies that did not originate with you
  • Help lift the veil of programmed illusions
  • Tune-in to your own wisdom and guidance realm
  • Help release emotional wounds
  • Quiet the mind
  • Help heal physical pain, ailments and diseases
  • Gain confidence
  • Experience a life filled with ease, joy and harmony
  • Become patient
  • Attract abundance, including love
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Bring you greater balance and grace
  • Anchor in the higher energy frequencies and vibrations of the Higher Dimensions

Webinar Details:

7 Sacred Flames to Transform Your Life
Thursday, April 23 @ 8:30pm EST

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Want to go deeper on how the 7 Sacred Flames can help you? Read on to find out what each flame can do for you!

Violet Flame:

Is your mind too active? Have you tried to meditate or even go on a nature walks, but find it too difficult to slow the mind long enough to even take a deep breath? The Violet Flame gets you there in a nano-second. How do you make your choices in life – through the energy of fear or love? For example, are you in an unsatisfying relationship because you’re afraid of being alone or being single again? Then you are operating from fear. Use the Violet Flame to open your heart and allow love to be your guide – in love all other decisions. Are you procrastinating on that project, writing that book or a dating adventure? Using the Violet Flame helps to release all your resistances, fears and difficulties, freeing you to live out your dreams Are your old emotional wounds creating drama, upset or stress in your current relationships? Invoke the Violet Flame to finally dissolve the old patterns and behaviors of the past. Can’t figure out why you are not manifesting what you want? Call in the Violet Flame to clear love, health and financial karma.

Flame of Illumination and Wisdom

Trying to figure out your purpose in life? Invoke the Flame of Illumination to deepen your understanding of your own True Nature. Terrified of talking of front of a group or even on a date? No worries, just use the Flame of Illumination and Wisdom to speak eloquently and with ease. Can’t stop your negative self-talk? Summon the Wisdom Flame to release your limiting beliefs once and for all.

The Flame Of The Will Of God

Learn to courageously speak your truth with certainty and in a loving manner: Call upon the Will of God Flame. Invoke the Will of God Flame to activate your faith that the Universe really does have your back, because it does. Call on the Will of God Flame to help you take initiative, be dependable and self-reliant.

The Flame of Cosmic Love

Become a love magnet by calling in the Flame of Cosmic Love into your heart everyday. Haven’t forgiven yourself or others yet? Then you are in your own prison cell waiting to be released. The key that opens that barred door is called the Flame of Cosmic Love. Invoking it will free your mind and soul from jail. Are you in a creative rut? Call upon the Cosmic Love Flame to enhance your creativity and release those blocks. Would you like to look younger? Regain your natural youth and beauty by calling in the Cosmic Love Flame into every cell of your being.   Tired of how people treat one another? Then use the Flame of Cosmic Love to experience true brotherhood and sisterhood.  

The Flame Of Healing And Actualization

Un-snarl your computer or any other electronic device by summoning the Flame of Healing.   In your darkest hour, do you ever say to yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Or, “Why me?” Call upon the Flame of Healing and Actualization to deepen the understanding of your inner truths. Does your health problem still exist, even after medical treatment? Underneath every health issue is an unresolved emotional problem. Open your ability to heal yourself by using the Flame of Healing.

The Flame Of Resurrection

Feeling out of balance or harmony within yourself, your relationships and even within your world? Correct the imbalance through the use of the Flame of Resurrection.   Have you been making decisions from your head or heart? Learn to embrace your own divinity and create what you desire by invoking the Flame of Resurrection.   Do you dream of a peaceful world for you, your children and grandchildren? By calling in the Flame of Resurrection more and more, you begin to believe in (and operate from) Oneness. Do you wonder how to improve your psychic abilities and become the master that you are? Use the Flame of Resurrection to experience daily miracles in your life.  

The Ascension Flame Of Purification

Do you have goals only to sabotage your efforts in the end? Call in the Ascension Flame to easily create more discipline and complete tasks.   Does enlightened or awakened living seem out of your reach? Shorten your path to enlightenment with a weekly dose of The Ascension Flame of Purification. — I’ll go deeper into how all of these healing flames can help you! Join me on my webinar! Register for the webinar on Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 8:30pm EST!