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Find out what an animal you really are. Take this quiz to reveal your love and relationship habits. Remember, when answering these questions, it’s important to be brutally honest with yourself.

1)   Which statement resonates with you in terms of achieving a long lasting loving relationship?

A — It’s hopeless. At best, a relationship is way off into my future.
B — Getting the man is easy, it’s the relationship, however, that means losing my freedom.
C — I need a relationship. It’s where I thrive.
D — I keep picking men that are married, players or somehow unavailable. I hope that one
       will pick me, but it’s not looking good.
E — I have faith that a great relationship is totally possible. It’ll happen for me.

2)   Your style tends to be:

A — Plain and comfortable with little to no makeup and jewelry. Your appearance is not
        your main focus.
B — Sexy, elegant, fun and bold. You care about your appearance.
C — You’re not sure because your focus is mostly on your man.
D — What ever your man likes.
E — Uniquely you, which includes being adventurous in trying new trends.

3)   Regarding a relationship, you:

A — Actually feel safer dreaming about it than being in one.
B — Fear or resent any compromise that you have to make.
C — Roll up your sleeves, take charge and control of things needing to be done
D — Do whatever he wants.
E — Allow space for you to be you and for him to be him.

4)   How would you describe yourself?:

A — Shy, introverted and possibly socially phobic.
B — Outgoing, fearless, driven, passionate.
C — Organized in thinking and behavior, especially in relationships.
D — A people pleaser.
E — Tolerant, flexible and easily adapts to most situations.

5)   What steps have you taken to find the love that you desire?

A — I’ve taking no action steps, or, I’ve taken action (got an online dating profile, dating
        coach) but haven’t followed through. 
B — I go to bars, singles events, but am impatient with the results.
C — I keep hoping that my old boyfriend will come back to me. 
D — I’m settling for crumbs.
E — I have a coach, therapist or take personal empowerment classes. I am committed to my
       dreams, which includes a loving relationship with myself and with a man.

6)   What do you tell yourself about not having the love of your dreams at this time?

A — I’m comfortable where I am.
B — I’m too busy, or, I’m too self sufficient for a relationship. 
C — I’m lost without him, or, I’m lost without a relationship.
D — I’m not worthy or deserving of love.
E — I created what I’ve experienced so far and see benefit in all of it. I’m excited to be on
        this love journey. Love is happening for me.

7)   In an disagreement with your guy, you:

A — Get very nervous and want to run or hide
B — May want to end the relationship because it’s too much work.
C — Try to fix the problem.
D — Get quiet and apologize, even if you are not at fault.
E — Listen to his point of view, share yours and don’t take anything personally.

8)   My last relationship ended because:

A — Well….because I never had one.
B — He bored me, or, he wanted too much of my time, or, I felt impatient around him, or, he wanted more of a commitment than I did.
C — We make each other miserable but we can’t seem to completely let go of the
D — He stayed with his wife, or, he had an affair, or, he dumped me.
E — We knew that our time together had come to its natural end. We parted on friendly


Mostly A’s: Ms. Hermit Crab 

bigstock-Hermit-Crab--Coenobita-Perlat-5081279You keep fantasizing that, one day, your beloved will knock on your lonely door. You may have little to no experience with men, dating, sex or romantic relationship. In fact, you may never marry at all. You tend to be quirky, affectionate (mostly to your family, friends and pets) and compassionate. Like the Hermit Crab, you are on the shy side, an introvert, and possibly socially phobic. You do not like to be the center of attention. Your focus tends to be on your projects, your job or business, your family and friends. You don’t leave much time to build a social life. Your style is simple, plain and comfortable – nothing that makes you stand out. You tend to be filled with fear and doubt about love, men and dating. You would rather fantasize about a date than go on one. You feel safest in the comfort zone of your home, however, this “safety zone” is what’s keeping you unlucky in love. Take advantage of Tamara’s 45-minute complimentary Loving Relationship Guidance Session and begin busting out of your shell.


Mostly B’s: Ms. Leopard

bigstock-Leopard-Panthera-pardus-on-w-41609059You, like the leopard, are independent. You are devoted to your busy career and projects. You want a relationship, but fear having to give up too much to be in one. When dating, you often focus on what’s wrong with the guy. You may be divorced or so independent that you never married, yet, you have plenty of dating and relationship experience. You tend to be an extrovert, financially successful, impartial, self sufficient, autonomous, self-determining, self-regulating and liberated. You tend to be impatient, especially with the imperfections of a relationship. You can be sexy, passionate, outspoken and blunt. The word compromise is like a four letter word. Take advantage of Tamara’s 45-minute complimentary Loving Relationship Guidance Session. She will help you find that one man who loves and honors your independence.


Mostly C’s: Ms. Barnacle

bigstock-goose-barnacles-41530273Putting it bluntly, you are co-dependent. Like a barnacle, you become very attached to your man and your relationship.  You believe that you can’t live without him. He is someone to completely devote yourself to and take care of. You have an inflated self-esteem to cover up your low self-worth. Staying focused on someone or something else is how you distract yourself from your internal pain. You look for assurance and confidence from others. You have been accused of being controlling, needing to be needed and addicted to your man. You are amazing at getting things done, however.  You are highly capable, but have difficulty motivating yourself without a friend, job or external structure, like a relationship, to keep you razor focused. This is no life of freedom. Take advantage of Tamara’s 45-minute complimentary Loving Relationship Guidance Session and begin to get your soul out of jail so that you can attract the man of your dreams.


Mostly D’s: Ms. Mouse

bigstock-House-Mouse-Standing-mus-Musc-45427162In your love and dating life, you feel insignificant, irrelevant and like a second-class citizen. Like the mouse, you are used to getting only crumbs. You are very giving, selfless, and accommodating to your man – all to a fault. Your needs and desires are not taken into account. In fact, your desires and opinions are often adopted from those around you. You seem to be fine with what he wants to do. Whatever his passions are become yours, as well. You tend to date unavailable men. They may be married, workaholics, or players.

You often feel sad and in a lot of emotional pain in your relationships. You fantasize about him a lot and wish that he would give you more, but he never will. Even though you feel like a beggar, you tell yourself that you are lucky to even be in a relationship at all. Take advantage of Tamara’s 45-minute complimentary Loving Relationship Guidance Session and learn how to stop settling! You deserve to be treated like a princess.


Mostly E’s: Ms. Dolphin

bigstock-Dolphin-45528670You honor yourself while valuing your partner’s perspectives. You never lose yourself in your relationships. Like the dolphin, you are cooperative, tolerant, flexible, and can easily adapt to most situations. You see relationships as a whole, as an opportunity for adventure, for emotional, personal and spiritual growth. You can hear your man’s point of view without getting defensive or taking it personally. It’s simply his point of view. You don’t see things as right or wrong, good or bad. Things just are what they are. You are not interested in making judgments and conclusions but rather stay open to the realm of possibilities. You work harmoniously with others. You are a good listener, but also speak your truth. You are not one to engage in small talk or gossip. You honor and even value your partner’s differences

You have faith, even in painful situations, that there is a gift in every experience.

When you have an argument, it doesn’t last long. In fact, you often laugh at yourself for taking it so seriously. Congratulations Ms. Dolphin, you are a catch!


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