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You are one of my celebrations during this Holiday Season and I’m in the mood for love! Here’s a little extra love from me to you.

Enjoy your 40% holiday discount:tamara gift

Twelve Session Package:
$1740 (regularly $2,900, you save $1160)

Six Session Package:
$870 (regularly $1,450, you save $580)

Three Session Package:
$435 (regularly $725, you save $290)

How to access your 40% off discount:

  • Visit my Shop Page and purchase your package. 
  • Enter your coupon code of “justforme2015” and enjoy 40% off!

Payment must be made no later than December 31st at midnight when the Holiday Discount ends. Your sessions can begin as soon as the full payment is complete.

I look forward to helping you make 2015 your year of profound, magical, amazing, exhilarating, delicious and blissful love!!