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Whether single or in a relationship, as an Awakening Member, you will:awakening membership cta 2

  • Gain clarity on your love, dating and life problems
  • Activate love through a stable practice of calming your mind
  • Release old patterns that keep you stuck in nonexistent or unhealthy relationships
  • Accelerate your progress to actualizing an exciting, passionate and loving relationship
  • Be empowered to live and love boldly, with confidence and joy
Your Awakening Membership is an investment in YOU and here’s what you get all for only $67/Month:

One-to-one Loving Guidance Sessions With Tamara:
Tamara Green works with people who are on the path to actualizing profoundly loving relationships and spiritual freedom. Whether single or in a relationship, Tamara’s Guidance sessions will help you to find your soul mate, heal your relationship, and tune in and operative from your own Divine Self. In these laser focused sessions, you will experience a deep cellular shift, receive leading edge information and acquire activations for your personal and spiritual growth and evolvement. These transformative sessions are conducted by phone or Skype, given monthly, and are 30 minutes in length.

Monthly Live ‘Members Only’ Webinar presenting:

  • Advice and tips on your love and dating concerns. Finally, you don’t have to figure this out alone anymore!
  • Activations that create cellular release. Goodbye old negative habits!
  • Processing techniques to release old behavioral patterns that create so much pain and suffering in your life. Hello new YOU!
  • Exciting interviews with  Tamara’s guests who will share advice and tips
  • Personalized answers to your questions at the end of each webinar
  • Replay links of each webinar, so if you miss the call, no worries
  • On the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm EST

Unlimited Access To All Replay Links Of Miracle Mondays Meditations
There are tremendous benefits of meditation. Learn more. Whether a beginner or advanced, Tamara guides you into a deep state of relaxation and release. As an Awakening Member, you will:

  • Have unlimited access to the Miracle Mondays Meditation archive. What better way to build your meditation library?!
  • Have a daily practice of quieting your mind and slipping into peace
  • Activate increased love for yourself, which in turn, attracts the loving relationship of your dreams
  • Experience more joy and harmony. Yahoo!
  • Release your dependency on a therapist, coach or guru because you will learn to operate from your own inner guidance and wisdom
  • Begin and end each day in a positive frame of mind
  • Gain so much… and more…

Loving Meditation Experience – The 10 Meditations Bundle
It’s time to get out of your own way and release what’s been holding you back from living and loving boldly. In these power-packed, transformative and downright fun guided meditations with Tamara, you will go on a journey to uncover the real YOU, manifest your deepest desires, tap into your pure potential for emotional and physical healing as well as create a loving relationship. Each meditation is downloadable and is accompanied by gorgeous originally composed music by Grammy nominated composer, David Dachinger (who happens to be Tamara’s husband and best friend. Cool!).

10% Discount On All Products And Services including:

  • One-to-one life-changing Guidance Session packages with Tamara
  • Live Workshops For Singles And Couples – These are 1 or 2 day events helping you to create profoundly loving relationships
  • Teleclasses with Tamara filled with tips, techniques and activations for LOVE!
  • Mp3 downloads of past Miracle Mondays Meditations. Each are accompanied by beautiful originally composed music. Click here to listen to samples.
  • Mp3 downloads of beautiful instrumental music by Grammy Nominated Composer David Dachinger. Each piece takes your soul to higher levels. Click here to listen to samples.

Amazing! All this LOVE, FUN, PEACE and HAPPINESS for only $67/month!

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