One magWow! What a week of pure excitement!!! I feel honored… I feel like breaking out in a Happy Dance every 5 minutes… I feel grateful… I feel like kicking up my heels in glee!! Why? Because I’ve made the front page of major magazines 3 times – ALL IN ONE WEEK!

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Cover Photo and Article One Mag!

In this cover article, it’s my own love story and so much more. Feeling very vulnerable, I decided to go for it and reveal my childhood history of sexual abuse and how it brought me to the brink of ending my life. You’ll want to read it and discover how I turned my challenges into the most precious gifts of my life – my family.

Home Page of

This blog is about how to avoid your next fight with your partner. I have used this strategy in my own marriage – AND IT WORKS!

3 Important Things You Can Learn From Couples Who Never Fight, EVER.

Again, Home Page of

This video is the 4th (out of 5) in a series with John Gray, PhD. Us relationship experts give great tips on keeping your relationships healthy and fun. Clever Ways To Connect With Your Spouse (Even When Life Is Hectic).

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