My Exciting Announcement: Evolving Leaders Radio Show!!

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evolving leaders

I love how the Universe has my back. Several months ago, I was getting strong communication in my morning meditations about starting a radio show, so that my messages of love could reach more people. As a response, I said, “OK Universe, I hear you, and may this come to me with ease.” Well, it came to me so quickly and with so much ease, I am awestruck.

I belong to an amazing international and spiritually based networking group called Evolutionary Business Council (EBC). These are visionary influencers from around the world that are causing global change for the better. The Founder of EBC reached out to me and asked if I would consider being a host on a brand new radio show sponsored by EBC. Boom! The Universe provided almost instantly. Of course, I gave her, the Founder, a resounding “Yes!”

With four hosts and two guests on each episode, we provide a show that is unique from all others. Evolving Leaders is like The View on TV with a spiritual twist – all while having a ton of fun in the process.

Welcome to Evolving Leaders, the weekly show that takes your dreams and passions from unmanageable to achievable, inspiring you to transform your ideas into reality. Every week, the hosts, all experts in their own field (communication, mindset, business and relationships), bring together visionary influencers from around the world to help you become extraordinary in your business and personal life, and to expand global change. Join us every week and you, too, can set the world on fire.

Please follow us on Twitter @EvolvingLeaders for updates and audio links to all of our shows. You can listen in on the first one by going here.

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