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There are 5 PHASES that you will experience based on the package that you choose and on your level of commitment, motivation and determination for transformation. Loving Relationship Guidance Sessions are designed to move you through these phases over time. 

The phases are:

  • Emerging: You will begin the discovery of who YOU really are, will be given tools, techniques, activations and exercises to release the hold of the negative ego/programming that has been in your way to attracting a Loving Relationship. You will be given homework assignments that create a clear love target and that gives your stinking thinking mind (negative ego) a positive job so that it stays out of the way of your goal;
  • Healing: Tamara will help you identify your patterns/identities/programming that keep you feeling stuck, confused and upset in your love and dating life. You will be able to acknowledge that you have the capacity and the power to release anything, in other words, you become the healer of your own love and dating life;
  • Fearless: You will continue to release negativity and to better deal with the ups and downs of love and dating. You will continue to let go of the identities, and will deepen your journey to Self. Your love and dating life will be fun, adventurous and exciting again; 
  • Freedom: Having integrated the many powerful and shifting techniques you begin to experience true freedom from your imagined limitations. This is the phase when many clients report a true heart opening AND their man (or men) find them irresistible;    
  • Awakening: You will acknowledge your amazing transformation (literally on a cellular level). With Tamara’s loving guidance, you will devise a plan to keep you flying forward to the continued awakening of YOU and your Loving Relationship.

* (Note: Tamara works with each individual at their own level of emotional, personal and spiritual growth. Some clients experience rapid evolvement in a short amount of time and others take longer to get through each phase. Each Guidance session is tailored to the individuals’ needs and pace.)