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Before working with Tamara, I had a genuine belief that I would not meet a long term, committed partner – despite outwardly remaining positive, I felt I was repeating relationship patterns and continually meeting men who would not commit. Just after a couple of sessions with her, I gained an appreciation for my life and the good things in it, I was able to reflect on the qualities and actions of a man who was committed to me and what I really wanted from a relationship. 

As a result from Tamara’s mentoring, I feel more confident in dating and relationships – always trusting and knowing what I really want. Just 6 months after my first session, I met a great guy and we have an exclusive relationship and we are now living together! 

Tamara is fantastic in helping you reach those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings you’ve hidden away and then addressing them full on. It’s a fantastic feeling to know you have someone there to offer great guidance and support. 

H.C.London, UK