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“I’m loving myself more and more.”

Our last session and my homework has created a pivotal change in me!  In letting my light shine, I am taking more pride in myself.  I used to dress frumpy and not care what I looked like at work because I was unhappy. Now I have begun to dress nice, wear heels and take pride in myself.  It feels wonderful and in turn provides me with confidence I didn’t have before.
I’m so aware of not complaining and turning it into a positive, my mantras have grown to over 17.  I keep a pad with me and repeat them a few times a day.  Now, almost automatically when a complaint comes into my mind, I replace it with a positive mantra.  It’s really amazing.
Two of the men I work with that NEVER speak to me, both complimented me on my haircut.  I was stunned but open to it at the same time.  Tom, another coworker, said to me this morning “Wow, you look hot”!  He’s gay so there’s no HR issues with him saying that  =)
I also have had two acquaintances from the past reach out to me.  One of my mantras is “People reach out to me in positive ways with genuine friendships and business relationships”.
I’m being present and enjoying the process.  At the same time I feel limitless in all the wonderful things that can happen in my life.  I find I’m loving myself more and more.
I COULDN’T HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU!  I’m so grateful you are in my life.
I’m sending you love and hugs,
Radiant Light Goddess of Joy
Donna, Connecticut