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Hi Tamara,

This year, I committed to making myself the most self-aware, physically healthy, and otherwise “ready” best partner, to attract the right person with the right energy, intentions, and mindset. That’s when I decided to work with you. I have loved this and am absolutely thriving.

As a result, I feel so much more centered, calmer, and clear-headed about how to approach dating now, and I wish I had met you and done this work years ago. I cannot tell you how much working with you has meant to me — not only am I shedding emotional baggage and feeling more free and relaxed about dating, but this journey is also having a huge impact on me at work, and in my other personal relationships. I think this process has shown me how to get out of my own way so I can relax, have fun, and ultimately, meet a great partner. As a result, I am kicking my bad dating habits to the curb I’m meeting better men.

This is all a very long-winded way of saying thank you for all of the awareness you have guided me to. You are an amazing resource and a loving, sparkly and inspiring person. Thanks for all your love and good energy. And if any of your clients are ever looking for references, send ’em to me!!

Kristin, NJ
"I'm loving myself more and more."

Our last session and my homework has created a pivotal change in me!  In letting my light shine, I am taking more pride in myself.  I used to dress frumpy and not care what I looked like at work because I was unhappy. Now I have begun to dress nice, wear heels and take pride in myself.  It feels wonderful and in turn provides me with confidence I didn’t have before.
I’m so aware of not complaining and turning it into a positive, my mantras have grown to over 17.  I keep a pad with me and repeat them a few times a day.  Now, almost automatically when a complaint comes into my mind, I replace it with a positive mantra.  It’s really amazing.
Two of the men I work with that NEVER speak to me, both complimented me on my haircut.  I was stunned but open to it at the same time.  Tom, another coworker, said to me this morning “Wow, you look hot”!  He’s gay so there’s no HR issues with him saying that  =)
I also have had two acquaintances from the past reach out to me.  One of my mantras is “People reach out to me in positive ways with genuine friendships and business relationships”.
I’m being present and enjoying the process.  At the same time I feel limitless in all the wonderful things that can happen in my life.  I find I’m loving myself more and more.
I COULDN’T HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU!  I’m so grateful you are in my life.
I’m sending you love and hugs,
Radiant Light Goddess of Joy

Donna, Connecticut
Lisa Mininni, Best-Selling Author & Speaker

There’s almost nothing worse than having back pain. It stops you from being fully productive. For several weeks, I had a nagging sore back and it was difficult to get through the day. 

Although chiropractic and therapeutic massage helped, the pain persisted. I happened to mention this to Tamara. She had an intuitive sense of the blockage and walked me through an energetic releasing process. 

Now, if you’re skeptical about these things, this might sound a bit odd. But let me tell you, her energetic releasing process works! I felt a shift and tingling through my back and what can only be described as a release of the tension (and the pain). The tingling continued to well after our session. 

Tamara is incredibly professional, intuitive and present during this process. If you’re a believer of chiropractic and therapeutic message, I would recommend you add this to your wellness regime.

Lisa Mininni, Best-Selling Author & Speaker

Hi Tamara, Thanks again for talking with me today. I feel much better and as usual after talking to you feel more cheered up and confident. I’m so lucky to have you as my [guide] & You’re the bestest!!!(Consultation Call)

L.S.New York

I watched your Youtube videos. They’re amazing. Pictures, and quality of sound, and your voice!!! I really enjoyed them. Thank you for being here for us, dedicating your time and effort. People need it. With Love and Light.(Miracle Mondays Meditation)

LarissaNew York

Dearest Love Angel, I am sitting outside on my patio overlooking the intracoastal, listening to the sound of the rain….I am feeling deeply grateful for my life AND I extend a BIG thank you to YOU for that. Thank you so much Tamara! I appreciate your attention to detail and me!! Today was another powerful session for me…going deeper & at the same time letting go…I am SO ready to let go & LIVE & FEEL my glorious life!
(One-on-One Session)


Tamara, my own very Special Love Angel! I have had one on one with you, been in your [Guidance] group, listened to your Monday meditations, heard you on Debbie Dachinger’s Dare to Dream radio program and so much more. You have made it possible for me to find Myself and then my Soul Mate. You helped me make up my love intention. It goes like this “I HAVE a loving, passionate, monogamous life partner who is committed, attentive, caring and adores me.” This intention came true with my Soul Mate. He is so much more than I could have ever dreamed for or thought I was deserving of. Working with you has been a very positive, soul searching, enlightening, comical and loving experience. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate and love you.
(Group Team Love)


Tamara, you were great chatting to and more than motivational, to say the least. As i told you, what i really need in life is a good kick in the a…, both in personal and business issues…first, the love thing..and to kill my shyness and the fear of failure. Thats for sure the problem with me and i think once i’m over that, i’ll be fine and ready to kick a… In my life… I’ll get back to you…again, thanx.
(Consultation Call)

P.R.New York

Tamara, you were great – patient, loving, supportive, and listened to my complaints about no return phone calls. You are a Saint. I know that love is in the starts for me this year. Just holding hands at the movies with someone I really liked was amazing – for both of us…working on living in the present, and not going further than that. It’s a process.
(One-on-One Session)


Dear Tamara, thanks so much for being my “Loving Relationship Expert”. I cannot even believe how much I’ve been getting out of our calls… We have 3 weeks left and I cannot wait to have more good news to share with you. I have learned something valuable about myself each and every time…. and it’s a TON of FUN!
(One-on-One Session)


Thanks Tamara for taking the time to talk today… I feel more confident and centered. So now all that’s left is to have fun!(One-on-One Session)


Super! Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the recording. Your work has been immensely useful! (Miracle Mondays Meditation)


I loved this mediation. It was so opening and calming, I imagined my beautiful niece being that excited little child running into my open arms.Thank you, Tamara!(Miracle Mondays Meditation)

YvonneNew York

Did I tell you that you are the VERY best? I’ve been to therapy on and off all my life, but YOU are the one that really “illuminates” this sometimes curvy and rocky life road. THANK YOU for all your obvious care and attention and TIME. Wow, you have no idea how I appreciate that. You really set me straight. AND, thanks to you, my guy and I are back to being TERRIFIC friends…light, fun, light, fun…and no matter what the future holds, I am so looking forward to finding the gifts in life…THANKS!
(1-on-1 sessions)


Thank you seems like such a small pair of words. I am forever grateful for you in my life. You have listened and given me the perspective of your wisdom and love that has truly changed my life.

Somehow I knew that spending these past six months with you and the group would be life changing and it has been!
(Group Sessions)


Before working with Tamara, I had a genuine belief that I would not meet a long term, committed partner – despite outwardly remaining positive, I felt I was repeating relationship patterns and continually meeting men who would not commit. Just after a couple of sessions with her, I gained an appreciation for my life and the good things in it, I was able to reflect on the qualities and actions of a man who was committed to me and what I really wanted from a relationship. 

As a result from Tamara’s mentoring, I feel more confident in dating and relationships – always trusting and knowing what I really want. Just 6 months after my first session, I met a great guy and we have an exclusive relationship and we are now living together! 

Tamara is fantastic in helping you reach those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings you’ve hidden away and then addressing them full on. It’s a fantastic feeling to know you have someone there to offer great guidance and support. 

H.C.London, UK

I feel so touched by your caring. You have a beautiful generous heart.(Consultation Call)

E.B.New York

I decided to be a part of Tamara’s group because I had made mistakes with the men that I chose in the past and didn’t want that to happen again. I was in a committed relationship prior to joining the group, but was still feeling unsure and insecure about myself. Since these group sessions, however, I know I that have a good man and that I’m in a great relationship. It’s even improved greatly since the attending the group. I was profoundly moved by the call Tamara did on forgiveness. After that, I asked some key people in my life for forgiveness, and as a result, I have felt a total calm and peace with myself. I no longer feel guilty and feel more free to receive love from my beloved. Much love to Tamara and Thank you.
(Group Team Love)

D. K.

So my biggest gratitude is: I am so grateful for your guidance at this crucial moment. I recognize the perfection in the timing!(One-on-One Session)

D. K.Texas

I just heard the audio of your interview with Debbi Dachinger. Wow. You were absolutely great. I felt the intention with both of that it was going to be a remarkable interview… and it was. Such experience, wisdom, sensitivity, warmth, and confidence came from you.(Media)