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Work With Tamara – Private Sessions 

Tamara Green works with people on the path to having more loving relationships. Whether you’re in a relationship or looking to go from lonely to loving, Tamara’s Loving Guidance sessions will help you find your soul mate, heal your relationship, or take it to the next level.  Tamara also offers Spiritual Guidance sessions where you will discover leading edge information and experience activations for your spiritual evolvement.

Session are conducted by phone or Skype and are 50 minutes in length:

Choose Your Package:

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1)   12 Guidance sessions and you will experience the Emerging, Healing, Fearless, Freedom and Awakening phases*. 

2)   6 Guidance sessions and you will experience the Emerging, Healing and Fearless phases*.

3)   3 Guidance sessions and you will experience the Emerging and Healing phases*.

4)   1 Guidance session and you will experience the Emerging phase*.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then one of these packages is for you.

  • Are you single or in a relationship and tired of being alone?
  • Have you had many first dates, but you can’t quite get to date number two?
  • Having trouble getting even date #1?
  • Are you in a relationship with a commitment phobe?
  • Did you think you found the One and he disappeared?
  • Are you tired of being disappointed with the online dating sites?
  • Did he have an affair?
  • Are you wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”
  • Are you divorced and don’t know how (or scared) to begin the dating process?
  • Are you wondering if you are “too old” to find love?
  • Is love kicking your butt?

Couples Get Results

  • Are you wondering why you are still stuck, upset, dissatisfied, or unhappy in your relationship?
  • Are you ready for a change and want to experience a truly loving connection?

* (Note: Tamara works with each individual at their own level of emotional, personal and spiritual growth. Some clients experience rapid evolvement in a short amount of time and others take longer to get through each phase. Each Guidance session is tailored to the individuals’ needs and pace.)

Once you select your package, click here to add it to your shopping cart.