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Finding the Perfect Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Today’s guest blogger, Brooke, who happens to be someone I am helping to navigate the waters of love and dating, did not like Valentine’s Day until she had a change of heart. Read her inspiring story of going from “depressing lows” and “frustration” to “a blissful feeling of peace, self-love and happiness.” I hope you enjoy this as much as I have! Make sure to read after Brooke’s piece to access your Valentine’s Day Gift!


– Tamara

Finding The Perfect Valentine

brooke-sBeing single and without a significant other by early February, can be very depressing. By Martin Luther King day, the lovey-dovey ads for jewelry start popping up and the drug stores fill with red and pink decorated everything even though all you wanted was a package of plain M&M’s, hold the hearts please! The pressure not to be alone on February 14th can be, well, disheartening, but, I decided to change my outlook.

2014 was one of the most difficult years in my close to 46 on this earth, and trust me, in 4 decades I’ve survived divorce (my parents and my own), job loss (twice in a span of 4 years) and heartbreak (this last one was a doozy). As a single mom of two teens, it’s hard to find romance with Mr. Right- so I continually found my way back to Mr. Absolutely WRONG! Strangely enough, it was Mr. Wrong who, last year, introduced me to Ms. Right On! Tamara Green. We instantly bonded and the healing began.

It was extremely challenging, but last April I finally left Mr. Wrong for good. I thought that by leaving him everything would fall into place and that I’d meet the love of my life and find a great job- you know, that whole “one door closes” philosophy. So when doors weren’t immediately flinging open, frustration ensued.

Tamara was there for me, telling me to relax, to enjoy dating and to keep things light. I was assigning myself so much pressure to meet someone that it had become a roller coaster ride of major highs and depressing lows until I finally gave up and resigned my online dating accounts. I needed a new outlook, and once again, my phone rang displaying a very welcome caller ID- Tamara Green.

When Tamara told me about her Energy Healing for Self Empowerment course, I knew that a door was opening that I needed to walk through. I was blessed enough to join a group of positive men and women, of varying ages, whose goal was growth through positivity, non-judgment and self-love. The energy in the room was warm, organic and electric.

Tamara took us through body tapping, physical and experiential exercises that invigorated me to the core. In one process, we bid our dark pasts and fears farewell and greeted our new bright futures. I was joyous as we embraced the happiness ahead, and, at that point, I truly knew that I would find love, absolutely. I didn’t focus on the details of how, who, what or where. Instead, Tamara encouraged me to envision the relationship of my dreams as if I were living it now and in every moment moving forward. She helped me to manifest my desires by living as if I’d already achieved them- the result, a blissful feeling of peace, self-love and happiness.

This Valentine’s week I’m thinking differently. Instead of feeling lost without a valentine, I’m celebrating the love within and surrounding me. It feels wonderful knowing that love will always be in my future. As someone very wise once said, “love conquers all.”

To Tamara, my Energy Healing classmates, Mr. Right and even to you,


Love, Brooke

Brooke Stachyra is a journalist and self-proclaimed media socialite who shares her musings through social and digital media. Please follow her on Twitter @TheGoodBrooke


Thank you Brooke. You are a single lady facing Valentine’s Day in a whole new way. Instead of wallowing in pity, you are turning this day of love into a party. Gooooo Brooke!

Now, along with Brooke, let’s have some self-loving fun!

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How I Turned Valentine’s Day into a Party – Not a Pity!

When I was single, one of the most tortuous days of the year was Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t get married until I was 36, so I had a ton of pity parties on February 14th in those previous 2 decades. “Ugh!”is what I’d say to myself whenever I saw those Hallmark cards appear in the drug stores. You know, the ones that said, “Sweetheart,” “Love Of My Life,” “My Wonderful Husband,” on the front cover?

In the months after Christmas, I dreaded the greeting card section. Trying to cheer myself up, there were a number of times when I bought my own chocolates and flowers, but I was still left with an unremitting pain in the pit of my stomach. If I was lucky, I’d get to hang out with a girlfriend who was also in the same ‘partner-less’ boat as me.

We would commiserate while eating our self-bought chocolates. February 15th is when I began to feel better, like there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Eventually, I learned how to celebrate my single life by loving and accepting myself just exactly as things were. That made all the difference in the world – so much so, that I met and married my dream guy shortly after adopting this new attitude. It happened for me and I know that it’ll happen for you, too. So, let’s put our hands up and have some fun on Valentine’s Day!!

Single Ladies… Put Your hands Up!!!

so excited 1Singles ladies, I know how you feel, and this year, I want to help turn your Valentine’s Day into a day of rejoicing. Please join me for some laughs, great tips on self-love and a very upbeat, active and celebratory meditation audio. You may be asking, “What the hell is there to celebrate?! I’m still single!” Then, don’t miss this opportunity to turn this special day into a party instead of a pity. Sign up now and get your replay link to the Single Ladies…Put Your Hands Up audio, my Valentine’s Day gift to you. You’ll find out how celebrating creates happy hormones. So, come on, join in on the fun.

Move over Beyoncé!
Beyoncé got it right when she created the song, ‘Single Ladies…Put Your Hands Up’, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do – put our hands up, create some excitement, self love…and more! Move over Beyoncé, we can do that sexy dance, too!

Your Valentines Day gift

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