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7 Powerful Steps To Pull In Mind-Blowing Love

sunset-hairSingle women make finding love very difficult. But, what if it’s as simple as pulling in love? Before I teach you how to do that, let’s first start with an assignment: Grab a piece of paper and write down 3 points of view that you have about love. Don’t write down what you’d like to experience, but rather, what you actually tell yourself about love, men, dating or relationships. Here’s a list of statements I’ve heard plenty of times in my practice over the years. Do you have the same or similar beliefs?

  • There are no great single men. They are either married or gay.
  • I attract men that treat me like dirt.
  • Men can’t commit.
  • I’m too independent for a relationship.
  • No man wants to date a single mother.
  • I’m not dating material because I’m too ___(old, young, fat, thin, poor, rich, etc.)___.

Are these statements hard cold facts? NO! They are just interesting points of view. There’s nothing true about them. You may be believing them and therefore experiencing them, but they certainly don’t have to be true for you.

If your friend said, “There are not enough good men in this world,” can you please see it as a very interesting point of view? In other words, every time you hear information about men, dating, relationships and love, instead of aligning with it, just see it for what it is, an interesting point of view. If you do align with such conclusions, I guarantee that you will experience what you don’t want. Hmmmm… Is that working for?

Ready to hear about an effective process that will help you to release your destructive points of view about love? It means to activate the power of you, which is not overwhelming or controlling another person nor about placing controls on your own life. The ‘power of you’ is about allowing yourself to be all of you without conclusions, points of views and any other limiting thoughts or behaviors. Your power is about you pulling in love by using the unlimited supply of energy that is available 24/7. You have more than enough energy from the Universe to do anything and everything you desire in your life, so let’s do that now and pull in the love that you’ve been dreaming of.

The world functions on energy. The world pays in energy.  Everyone gives and receives as energy. You have an abundance of energy. – Tamara Green

7 Powerful Steps To Pull In Mind-blowing Love

  1. Relax your eyes and pull in love energy toward you. There is an endless supply of energy from the Universe. Just like turning on a light switch, what you’re doing here is simply asking the Universe to turn on the flow of love energy… then feel it coming over and through you like a gentle breeze. Feel the love energy flow to the front of your body; face, torso, legs and arms. Notice that there is plenty of energy available to you when you pull it in.
  2. Pull in love energy to the back of your body; head, back, legs and arms. The Universe loves gifting you with tons of love energy.
  3. Pull in energy to the right side of your body; face, shoulder, arm and leg. Allow this love energy in.
  4. Pull in energy to your left side of your body; face, shoulder, arm and leg. Your job is to receive this love energy. Do not block it with your doubts of whether this is working or not.
  5. Pull in energy up through the bottom of your feet. Have the energy rise up through your legs, torso and head. This is Mother Earth’s energy. Let her loving and healing energy come right in.
  6. Pull energy down from the heavens onto your crown chakra. Have the energy flow down your head, torso, legs and feet. Take in all of this beautiful energy.
  7. Now, feel the energy swirl all around you, through you, from the front through to the back, from the back through to the front, from the right to left, from the left to right. From down below to up above and from up above to down below. You have all of this wonderful love energy at your disposal, to do as you wish. What do you wish to do with all this amazing, healing, expanded and loving energy? How about pull in your beloved? He’s waiting for you to pull him in.

 Tip: Do this process everyday and trust that he will come. Don’t worry about when, where, who or how he’ll show up, but that he’ll show up. For an even more transformative experience, Tamara has created an audio of this process in her 21 Days To Self-Love Meditation Experience bundle. Not only will you attract the man of your dreams, but you’ll fall madly in love with yourself in the process.

Testimonials To 21 Days To Self-Love Meditation Experience

I did the entire 21 days of meditations and actually released bitterness toward my ex and my mother. I feel free for the first time in many years. I am going to do the 21 days again and see what I release this go around. How can I ever thank you for what you’ve done for me? You are a gift Tamara. Love, PJ from California

 Hi Tamara, Thank you for the opportunity for the meditation series and for being so open and kind to share with all of us your spiritual guidance. It has been a wonderful journey each and every day especially with the guided meditations.  You are so appreciated. Love, DR from New York

Tamara, I so value and respect your healing work. The 21 Days To Self-Love Meditation Experience has changed my life in ways I never could’ve imagined. I now believe that not only do I deserve a loving relationship but that I’ll have one. Thank you so much (and keep it coming!), SC from Canada

Not only are the meditations amazing and transforming, but the music takes my soul to a place of bliss and joy. I am now excited to wake up every morning and create my new future. What a blessing you are! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! TN from United Kingdom


Keys to a Happy Life – Part 2: Diet & Lifestyle

At the start of my Emotional Healing Powers Of Meditation workshop I gave last week, a student came up to me and said, “I just wanted you to know that I’m so exhausted that I may have to leave your workshop early.” I replied, “You may be surprised how invigorated you’ll feel after I teach you some body tapping and meridian stretching exercises.”

Sure enough, she not only stayed through to the end but also reported feeling happy and revitalized. Her smiling face showed it, too. When I asked her what had her so exhausted, she said that she worried about all the things on her plate and had trouble relaxing and sleeping at night. She admitted that her health and happiness were at risk due to her busy lifestyle.

Is this fast-paced world having an impact on your health and happiness, too?

Women tend to feel tired and overwhelmed because they do too much and constantly multitask to keep up with long to-do lists. As a result, they feel stressed, disorganized and don’t properly take care of themselves. Men, on the other hand, tend to hyper-focus which causes them to place too much attention in just one area, such as, work. The result is a sense of life passing them by. When men retire, they feel they missed out on the important things, such as, family and health.

Sound familiar? Then don’t skip this video. It’s packed with great tips and advice on how to regain a happy lifestyle.

Listen to the experts (including John Gray, the Mars/Venus guy) to get important information on how to get off the treadmill and back into a life that you love.

To summarize, a happier lifestyle includes:

  • Eating nutritious and high quality foods and having downtime built into your busy schedule.
  • A daily spiritual practice, such as meditation, which helps you hold on to your happiness for longer periods of time.
  • Spending time in nature, which helps you unplug, become centered, mindful and able to receive the energy the Universe is trying to give to you at every moment.

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Want to Know the Keys to a Happy Life?

About 10 years ago, my friend and coworker, Joanie, had cancer that metastasized throughout her body, which eventually took her life. Yet, during her last days, she was a picture of happiness and peace. Even though she was in a lot of physical pain, she seemed to float on a cloud of serenity. She even smiled through her pain because, as she reported to me one day, she was counting the blessings of her beautiful life. She wasn’t rich nor in a relationship, but what she did have was peace of mind.

Listen to John Gray, myself, and some more amazing experts, as we share the keys for a happy life. Make sure to share, share, share this video and subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

As we discussed in the video, happiness is a conscious choice. Moment-by-moment, you can decide to be happy. In fact, this may sound weird, but you already are the happiness that you seek. You may not be tuned-in to that fact, but your natural state is happiness.

Let me explain.

You were born completely tuned-in to joy, love, freedom, empowerment and happiness. You didn’t question it nor wonder how to get it. You just lived in your natural energy of joy, love, freedom, empowerment and happiness. Does a baby apologize for crying when she’s hungry or wet? No. She screams her little head off because she is being (and not apologizing for) who she really is – powerful. She’s not thinking, “I am power,” she’s just being powerfully her. Does a toddler say, “I think I’ll skip over this mud puddle so I don’t get my pants dirty.” No! He gleefully squishes the mud between his toes and fingers with total abandon. Children don’t question who they are or what they do… that is, not until they get old enough to mimic the adults around them – adults who say to themselves things like, “Happiness is out of my reach.” Or, “I’ll be happy when ___(fill in the blank)___.”

Thanks to Joanie and children, we have great role models for how to choose happiness.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you emulated children and people like Joanie, who decide to be happy, and therefore, are happy – who choose peace of mind and therefore are at peace? It’s not about what you have or what you do that brings you happiness. It’s about tuning-in and activating that which you already are – your natural state of happiness.

The Experts Share The 4 Keys For A Happy Life:

  • Raise your level of conscious and positive energy by choosing the focus of your mind. If you change your mind, you change your life.
  • Stop judging your situation. When you judge that your happiness is in the hands of someone or something else, then you are not tuning-in to your own amazing power. Remind yourself daily of your natural state of happiness by repeating these phrases: I AM Joy, I AM Love, I AM Freedom, I AM Power, I AM Happiness
  • Have only quality relationships in your life, such as, friends that support and love you. You are on this journey of exploring who you really are, therefore, live in authenticity, with an open heart and don’t be afraid to be yourself fully.
  • Practice choosing/deciding to be happy – moment-by-moment. The more you practice the easier it becomes.

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” – Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

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