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At the start of my Emotional Healing Powers Of Meditation workshop I gave last week, a student came up to me and said, “I just wanted you to know that I’m so exhausted that I may have to leave your workshop early.” I replied, “You may be surprised how invigorated you’ll feel after I teach you some body tapping and meridian stretching exercises.”

Sure enough, she not only stayed through to the end but also reported feeling happy and revitalized. Her smiling face showed it, too. When I asked her what had her so exhausted, she said that she worried about all the things on her plate and had trouble relaxing and sleeping at night. She admitted that her health and happiness were at risk due to her busy lifestyle.

Is this fast-paced world having an impact on your health and happiness, too?

Women tend to feel tired and overwhelmed because they do too much and constantly multitask to keep up with long to-do lists. As a result, they feel stressed, disorganized and don’t properly take care of themselves. Men, on the other hand, tend to hyper-focus which causes them to place too much attention in just one area, such as, work. The result is a sense of life passing them by. When men retire, they feel they missed out on the important things, such as, family and health.

Sound familiar? Then don’t skip this video. It’s packed with great tips and advice on how to regain a happy lifestyle.

Listen to the experts (including John Gray, the Mars/Venus guy) to get important information on how to get off the treadmill and back into a life that you love.

To summarize, a happier lifestyle includes:

  • Eating nutritious and high quality foods and having downtime built into your busy schedule.
  • A daily spiritual practice, such as meditation, which helps you hold on to your happiness for longer periods of time.
  • Spending time in nature, which helps you unplug, become centered, mindful and able to receive the energy the Universe is trying to give to you at every moment.

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