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bigstock-chakra-system-27634247OK people, I’ve been hearing from you on how exhausted you feel and how difficult it is to concentrate on your love and life goals.

Lately, you’ve been reporting to me that the things you usually do to help you out of a funk are no longer working. You’re not alone in this. Many people around the globe are experiencing the doldrums more than usual. Just this week, I read how scientists are reporting powerful global energy shifts that may be impacting humans’ emotions in a big way.

I’ve noticed this shift myself and have been experimenting with the best ways to move from low to higher energy vibration – to feel vitalized, refreshed and back in the game of life. I’m very excited to announce that it’s….

Body tapping and meridian stretching!!! Yay!

In the month of April, I’ll be sharing the benefits and techniques of body tapping and meridian stretching. Combined with your regular spiritual practice, such as meditation, yoga and/or nature walks, tapping and stretching packs a powerful punch for your renewed body, mind and soul.

Ready to ignite your brainpower and release the blues? Watch this 41-second video to see how easy it is to revitalize your brain and create happy hormones. Click onto the heart logo on the upper right side to subscribe to Tamara’s Weekly Video Tips

Did you know that energy gets stuck in your brain cells? That’s right. Energy becomes stagnant and blocked in your cells, slowing down the function of your brain and consequently, your life. You need a refreshed brain in order to be tuned-in to the limitless potential of your mind. The quickest and easiest way to unlock this potential is by using your fingers to tap all over your head, just like I did in this video.

Benefits to Unleashing Your Brainpower

Optimizes brain functioning | Just under the skin, we have invisible meridian lines than run all over the scalp. Tapping releases any stuck and stagnant energy. Make sure you spend extra time tapping on the areas of your head, face and neck that feel tender or even painful. Breathe through the discomfort and keep tapping. Doing so will ease the ache as the stuck energy begins to release.

Wakes up your self-healing potential | Tapping creates a ripple effect of self-healing. When you tap on your scalp, you are creating healing ripples of energy through the layers of your brain. Your Neo-Cortex (the outer layer) has the function of learning, thinking and recognizing. Your Limbic System (the middle layer) carries the function of emotional response and kinetic coordination. Your Brain Stem (brain center) has basic vital function for survival and natural healing powers. When the ripple of energy reaches your brain center, you are tuning in to your own powers of self-healing.

Manages your stress and masters your emotions | Stuck energy means emotional disaster. When energy gets jammed up and is unable to release, it’s like a dam that’s ready to burst open. In one word, stress! Stagnant energy can cause confusion, procrastination and a sense of being stuck. A practice of brain tapping relieves stress, keeps your emotions in check and clears your mind.

Harnesses your ability to stay on course | I like to combine powerful affirmations while tapping every morning. It’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing and re-set your life and love goals everyday.

Awakens your senses | By tapping on your Crown (top of your head), Third Eye (on your forehead) and Throat Chakras (at the base of your neck below your Adam’s Apple), you are sensitizing and refreshing your senses. This includes your 6th sense of awareness, flexibility, integration and mastering. Opening your chakras means that you are tuned-in to your own innate wisdom of life and of love.

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