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Burning HeartYou are an energy sponge and have been soaking up other people’s energy ever since you were in the womb. It can be fairly easy to release other’s people’s energy unless you’ve have had an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship with them. In other words, if you haven’t done so already, you are probably carrying your ex’s energy within your being. As someone who is able to see and sense this ‘ex’ energy, what it looks like is a rope or a tether from one heart to another. Using the Flame of Cosmic Love to release this tether is not only easy but also possible.

You deserve a fresh start, therefore, do yourself a favor and break this tether and release your ex (or all your ex’s) once and for all. This way, you will become free and clear to step into a brand new and wonderful relationship.

There are 7 Sacred Flames in all, each representing the various energies of the Universe. Each Flame has it’s own uniquely powerful healing energy – all derived from the essence of Love, which cures anything and everything. Each one is very important but right now, you are going to use the powerful Cosmic Love Flame to clear all unwanted energies from your heart and your being.

7 Steps To Clear Your Ex’s Energy

  1. Sit in a yogic position on the floor or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Sit up straight with an erect spine, yet relaxed. Shoulders down. Gently smile – this helps you to relax. Set your intention to clear all of your ex’s energies from your being. You could say to yourself something like: All stuck energies of my ex will leave my system and will never return to me again. All of my energy that has remained in him will be returned to me. I am free and clear of my former partner now.
  1. Breathe in deeply and fill up your heart center with fresh energy. When you exhale, have your thoughts run down your arms and out your fingers (you might feel tingling at your fingertips). Breathe in again, filling up your chest…exhale and have your thoughts run down your torso, down your legs and out your toes (you might feel tingling at your toes). Last deep breath in, hold it and notice the energy at the top of this breath, now breathe out all thoughts and stress of your day. (If needed, repeat Step 2 until you feel lighter, which means your focus is more on your body and not on your thinking mind. That’s good!)
  1. With an open hand, start tapping on your chest. Tapping begins to release the stuck energy in your heart. Tap as gently or as hard as you’d like. Just know that’s its helping to open your Inmeck Meridian (energy line) that’s been holding onto stagnant energy. If your chest feels tender, then know for sure that you have stuck energy that needs releasing. Keep tapping and breathing through the discomfort, as it will feel better. You can use both hands if you’d like. Tap over your heart, in the middle of your chest and over your lungs for a total of 100 times. Smile and breathe through it all.
  1. Now that you’ve physically released some stuck energy, it’s time to invoke the rose-pink Flame of Cosmic Love by simply saying, I now call in the Flame of Cosmic Love into every cell, atom and electron of my being. Like turning on a light switch, this Flame energy will instantly flood your physical and energy bodies with the most beautiful pinkish-red energy throughout your being. Smile and know that this amazing healing energy is blazing through your system and clearing out all of your ex’s energies. Know that the tether of energy between your hearts is being dissolved now.
  1. Breathe in this Flame of Cosmic Love energy again… Breathe it in again 2 more times… The more you breathe it in, the more you will clear and cleanse your system of your ex’s energy. Thank this Love energy for releasing you.
  1. Now it’s time for you to thank your ex for all he (or she) taught you. They wouldn’t have been in your life without a valuable life lesson. This is an important step because in doing so, you are releasing the remnants of the emotional baggage from that relationship. Say, Thank you for being in my life, __(ex’s name)__. I wish you all the best as I now release you and set you free. I set you free __(ex’s name)__, so that I am free. Smile, knowing that your ex’s energy is truly leaving you.
  1. Great job! Now, stand up with your hands above your head in a victory position and smile big with your teeth showing. Jump up and down, keeping your hands up, smiling, because you did it! You are celebrating your victory! Yay!!! Now hug yourself and say, I love and accept you, __(your name)__. You did a great job!!

And you did you do an amazing job!! Congratulations!


  • clara says:

    manuka temple (manuka-temple0. webnode. co. uk) has helped me to keep my family safe from unnecessary problems. There were issues without any serious reason. manuka helped to bring positivity in my family with his love spell.

  • Samiksha says:

    Do I have to do this everyday? Or would once be enough?

    • Hi Samiksha, thank you for your great question. Following the steps once is very helpful. However, following the steps every day for at least 7 to 30 days takes it to a whole other level of effectiveness. The Flame of Cosmic Love is powerful. When invoked daily, it can also bring unconditional love and compassion into your life. I’ve been invoking this flame for over 20 years, with amazing results!

      • Mspritt says:

        Thank you so much for this question and for this answer. I literally just was in tears because my ex even though we broke up over a year ago is still knocking on my door and reaching out sending request and messages on social media. I change my number twice he reached out on email. I change my email he hacked my Facebook found another Facebook sent me a message today and send me a friend request on LinkedIn. I just blocked him again this is harassing and scary and creepy. He is a narcissist, not physically abusive thank God but nevertheless I was in a toxic relationship 3 1/2 years on and off with him. I think I still had him in my energy because every time I see a black car I fear or look at it very hard to make sure that it’s not him. I’m always looking around, and I know that’s living in fear. And it might be attracting him so I’m trying to think about what I want versus when I don’t want it seems like every time I get happy and comfortable. He pops up then I start getting sad and emotional again maybe a part of me was lonely, and is waiting for my future husband, and I think the trauma bonding Resurfaced in a very very little way this time I’m going to get a therapist and I’m going to do this ritual over and over and over. It was 3 1/2 years so I want to do it often I like the power of love, and I believe in it I’m so sad I don’t want to get a restraining order because that’s a dramatic and long process and he’s not physical he’s just telling me he miss me but I don’t want him at my door. I don’t want to see a message or anything I’m trying to be a model and it’s better to have your profile on public versus private for more followers but I don’t even want him to see what I’m doing and I don’t want to not live my life in freedom. This is torture I want to pray as usual , and do these rituals and do everything I can to heal please pray for me his name is Romeriss Evans please pray for him to get out of my life and to move on for good to leave me a lone. It all was truly traumatizing emotionally and mentally I cried so much and I got sick because of him now I’m better but not emotionally or mentally 100% please help😥🙏🏽💙

        • Mspritt says:

          Oh my gosh I just realize that I put his name on a public platform. Can you please delete this information??

  • Diana says:

    I completed this energy clearing this evening and felt amazing, however my ex msged me as I was on step 6. Would he too also feel this clearing? I felt my energy and power back so I know this was beneficial for me.

    • How fantastic, Diana!! Yes, energetically, your ex would feel (unconsciously) that something was shifting in you. I’m very happy to hear that you got your power back!! Thanks for writing and sharing this with me. Tamara

  • Sparkle says:

    I love this page, thank you!!
    How can I find out more about the 7 Sacred Flames and how they can transmute areas of your life, as the link is no longer available?

  • jay says:

    This was very helpful. I felt a wave of emotion at the end. Thank you for the guidance.

  • Sarah says:

    This exercise to clear my exe’s energy from my body was so helpful, thank you so much

  • Amina says:

    Tamara – I am curious. If you are in a current relationship, does it make sense to “clear” energy on a regular basis? In case there are negative bonds that are being formed (that you may or may not be aware of). Curious if you can set the intention to clear any “not helpful” energy but keep the good energy bonds.

    • Tamara says:

      Hi Amina, Great question on my blog. Your body, soul and spirit all are aware of any “negative bonds” that may be forming, even if your conscious mind is not. This key is to be in a spiritual practice, which clears anything that comes up along the way, even when you’re not aware that something needs clearing. That’s why I love the Flames so much. I call them in, and they clear and cleanse my being while, at the same time, I receive in their loving energy. I hope this answers your question.
      Lovingly, Tamara

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