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birdNot all women are attracted to bad boys. In this article, I’m going to talk to the women who are. Admit it, part of you is craving the excitement that bad boy brings into your life and part of you is saying, “No way, he’s not good for me! I’ll stick with the nice guy who really cares for me.” You’ve probably asked yourself a zillion times, why can’t I get that bad boy out of my mind? Or, Why can’t I just be happy with that nice guy who wants me? Let’s face it, there’s a war going on inside of you called internal conflict and it’s turning you into a birdbrain.

Internal Conflict Revealed: Body vs. Subconscious Mind

Your Body: You are not your body, but your body has it’s own consciousness. It loves to be lusted after, to be touched, to have fun, to have sex, and to experience electrifying excitement. In fact, this level of excitement can be like a drug. In terms of the hormonal chemicals flooding your brain, you may have become addicted to your bad boy. And consider this, just by being with a bad boy, aren’t you being a naughty girl? In fact, being with a bad boy actually plays a role in your level of excitement. Most sexual fantasies, for example, are exciting because they involve doing something judged as daring, questionable or even ‘bad’. Think about it, if the fantasy were all about doing the ‘right’ or ‘good’ thing, then it wouldn’t be such an exciting fantasy.

Nice guys can provide a lovely experience for the body. For example, their touch can be nurturing and caring and give great massages and loving hugs. However, you may experience your nice guy’s touch as predictable with little to no surprises. Unlike the bad boy, nice guys tend to lead stable and steady lives, yet your body may be craving more excitement. Is your body bored with your nice guy?

Your Subconscious Mind: Most people have blocked-out or are unaware of what’s going on with this part of their being. This is where your inner child resides. Plain and simple, your inner child wants to be loved, cared for, and accepted. Most likely, your inner child feels much more comfortable and safe with a nice guy and feels terrified that the bad boy is going to trample on its tender and sensitive heart. Does your inner child want the safety and security that the nice guy provides? A couple of birdies are going to help you do this so let’s get started with the 6 steps to dissolve your internal conflict – guided meditation style…

6 Steps To Dissolve Your Internal Conflict

Ok, it’s all perfectly clear now. Your body yearns for your bad boy and your inner child needs your nice guy. Both are fighting tooth and nail to get what it wants. How do you resolve your internal conflict? By using the love energies of the Violet Flame to first dissolve the conflict, then to come together in one aligned agenda. A couple of birdies are going to help you do this so let’s get started…

1. Set Your Love Target Statement – More than anything else, your body and your inner child want a long-term loving relationship or else you wouldn’t be having this internal conflict in the first place. Therefore, it’s important for you to set an overall love goal. To help you create this, begin to get a sense of what you want to experience in 1, 5 and 10 years from now. When you allow yourself to have a peek into your desired future, it becomes clearer of what you want in the love department. Now, on a piece of paper, write down everything you want in your long-term relationship. Make sure you cover all the desires of your body and your inner child. Take the key words and create your love target statement. Here are 2 examples: I have an exciting life with my adoring partner who is just right for me. Or, My husband and I have a passionate life filled with children and service to the world. (Tip: Your love target statement should only be 1 sentence and brief enough for you to easily memorize.)

2. Invoke The Violet Flame – Now that you have your love target statement, you can tune into your body and inner child agendas having to do with that goal. Sit with your feet flat on the floor. Breathe into your lower abdomen (Sacral chakra, 2 inches below your belly button) 3 times. This calms your mind. Keep breathing deeply until you feel yourself becoming lighter and more relaxed. As simple as turning on a light switch, invoke the Violet Flame into every cell, atom and electron of your body with it’s cleansing and healing energies. The Violet Flame resonates at a frequency of pure love and is guiding your different agendas to be aligned as one, for the betterment of your highest good. Whether you feel this energy or not, just know that you are being infused with the wondrous properties of this Flame.

3. That’s For The Birds – Now that you are completely filled with the Violet Flame, imagine that you are sitting very comfortably on a patio chair outside on a beautifully warm and sunny day. No one else is around; it’s just you and the gorgeous nature that surrounds you. A little bird flies in about 6 feet in front of your chair and perches on a low-lying tree branch. This bird represents your body’s agenda. Then a 2nd bird flies in, sitting next to the 1st . This bird represents your inner child’s agenda. Each bird has the opportunity to fully express their agenda while the other listens intently.

4. A Little Birdie Told Me – Imagine that the 1st bird (your body’s agenda) begins to fully express its desires, needs and wishes. At the same time, the 2nd bird (your inner child’s agenda), is not only listening intently, but is very curios and interested in what the 1st bird has to say. She is filled with unconditional love while giving the 1st bird her full attention. In other words, there is absolutely no judgment about what the 1st bird is expressing. ‘Body’ bird loves this and chirps away until she has completely and fully expressed herself.

Now it’s the 2nd bird’s (your inner child’s agenda) turn to fully express its desires, needs and wishes. At the same time, the 1st bird is not only listening intently, but is very curios and interested in what the 2nd bird has to say. She is filled with unconditional love while giving the 2nd bird her full attention. Again, there is absolutely no judgment about what the 2nd bird is expressing. ‘Inner child’ bird loves this and chirps away until she has completely and fully expressed herself.

The birds feel so good about expressing and listening that they feel giddy with excitement and start flapping their wings and singing to one another on the tree branch.

5. More Violet Flame – A cloud of Violet Flame energy now drifts over the 2 happy birds. Every inch of them is infused with the Flame energy until they radiate unconditional love. All conflict between them is completely dissolved. The Flame energy is lovingly guiding them to create an aligned agenda. Each bird becomes so filled with joy that they begin flying in a tight circle around one other. In fact, they spin around so tight and fast that they merge as one. This glowing violet-colored bird now circles around you while sitting in your chair. It’s getting ready to fly right into your chest… It circles around once, twice and, ready? Boom! The ‘aligned agenda’ bird flies into your open heart creating an explosion of release, hope and love throughout ever cell of your being. Take this in…breathe it in 3 more times.

6. Embody Your Love Target Statement – Good work on bringing your 2 birds together – dissolving your inner conflict and bringing your body and inner child together as one aligned agenda. Your job now is to constantly repeat your love target statement. Say it like a mantra at least 100 times per day. You should have it memorized until it flows right off your tongue. When you embody it completely is when you will experience it, so don’t stop saying it to yourself.

Great job on releasing your birdbrain. Instead, your agendas are like birds of a feather flocking together. Yay!

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