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Are you still single and desperate to have a profoundly loving relationship? What feelings does this bring up for you? Happy? Probably not. You may be worried and upset that your soul mate is still nowhere to be found. That means that your, what I call, Love Vibration, is low. To attract your beloved, it’s very helpful to have a high Love Vibration at least 20% of the time.

To give an example on how to raise your Love Vibration, I’d would like to share a dialogue I had with my new client, Ariane, who agreed for me to share this with you:

Ariane: (feeling low) “I’m still working on myself so that I can attract the love that I want so badly.”

Tamara: “Hmmmm, working on yourself, huh? How’s that going?

Ariane: It’s a lot of work because I still get easily triggered. I certainly got triggered a lot in my last relationship.


Ariane:Yes, I was a bit controlling, wanting to know his every move. He couldn’t take it anymore and that’s why he left me. I’m not going to let that happen again so I’m working on being more chill, more calm and not so reactive. But, I have a long ways to go.”

Tamara: “Feel what it feels like to believe that you ‘have to work on yourself and that you have a long ways to go.’ How does that feel, heavy or light?”

Ariane: “Wow! I feel really heavy. Doesn’t feel very good.”

Tamara: “If you’re operating from the energy of ‘working on yourself’, it’s like saying to the Universe, I’m not OK as I am, I have to work on myself. The Universe says, You’re perfect just the way you are, but if you’re saying that you have to work on yourself, then we’ll give you more stuff to work on. And, that’s exactly what happens, you get tons more evidence that keeps you believing and saying, Yep, see? I still need to work on myself!”

“Imagine that you’re looking at a pyramid, like the ones in Egypt. See the layers, or steps, of that pyramid as different levels of energy vibration. The higher you go on the pyramid, the higher the energy vibration. If you operate from the vibration of ‘needing to work on yourself’, you’re probably about 2/3rd’s down on that pyramid, and you’ll continue to get tons of evidence that keep you in that same layer or step. In other words, you remain in the energy of ‘working on yourself’, and you won’t be able to get up to the next step, or higher layer of vibration.

Ariane: “I didn’t think of it that way. How do I get out of that layer of ‘working on myself’ and move up to a higher vibration?”

 Surprising Tip #1 on raising your Love Vibration:

Compliment wonderful YOU  –  Acknowledge yourself for what’s really great about you. Even when you’re emotionally stuck or upset, find something to complement yourself for. For example, I got out of bed today, yay! Or, I brushed my teeth today, yahoo! Or, I got dressed today, hallelujah!! Making it seemingly ridiculous can get you laughing and feeling lighter in no time. So keep complementing yourself – constantly. The more the merrier!

 Tamara: “Ariane, tell me something that you can compliment yourself for.”

Ariane: “I’ve become more disciplined about writing in my journal, which has actually been helpful to me.”

Tamara: “Great! How’s that feel?”

Ariane: “It feels good to say this, to acknowledge it.”

Tamara: “Good, give me another one.”

Ariane: “I am more aware now than I was before.”

Tamara: “Fantastic! How’s that feel?”

Ariane: “Really good, actually.”

Tamara: “That’s because you are raising your energy vibration by focusing on what’s good about you, by acknowledging you – by complimenting you.

Ariane: Thanks Tamara!

1 Day Later…

Here’s the email I got from Ariane after her coaching session:

“Hi Tamara, I can’t tell you what a ‘ah ha’ you gave me yesterday. I always thought that ‘working on myself’ was a good thing, that it was helping me. But, it really did feel heavy, overwhelming and even endless. I guess that’s because it was – endless. I’ve been complimenting myself ever since our conversation and I feel really good. In fact, I was laughing last night because I complimented myself on eating only 3 cookies instead of the entire package. Normally, just eating 1 cookie would send me down a path of self judgment, Oh no, I need to work on this, I promised myself no more cookies and here I go again! But this time, I decided to compliment myself on eating only 3. It was easier to feel better in no time and I lost my cravings for more cookies! Thanks Tamara for giving me new awareness on how to raise my love vibration.”

And thank you Ariane for sharing this inspiring email with all of us!

Surprising Tip #2 on raising your Love Vibration:

Compliment Others – Studies are showing that complementing others activate the pleasure-center in the brain. It feels good to complement others. Again, the focus is on what you like or love about them, rather than what you don’t like. Whether you complement them in your mind or out loud, it doesn’t matter. Complementing them feels good to you and raises your Love Vibration up to the next step up on that pyramid.

Surprising Tip #3 on raising your Love Vibration:

Compliment What’s Around You  – Compliment nature, the air you breathe, the oceans on this planet, the animals, the sky and the clouds. Also, compliment your body, and how it breathes without you having to think about it, how the muscles work without one thought from you and how your organs keep functioning on your behalf. Compliment your angels and guidance realms. Say, Hey, you guys are really cool. No matter how I feel, you are always there to love and guide me, even when I’m not listening! Thank you! Compliment what you normally take for granted. Doing so increases your awareness to what’s around you and to the fact that the Universe is gifting you all the time. When you’re in awareness, you are tuned to your Highest Self, which raises your Love Vibration even more.


Make a habit of these surprising tips for raising your Love Vibration. Eventually, you will rewire your mind, habits and behaviors and activate your true nature and actualize authentic love for you, your life, and those around you. Complimenting comes from the source of love. When you operate from love and not fear, life becomes magical. And, BTW… when you raise your Love Vibration, don’t be surprised that your soul mate appears.

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