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I’ve been hearing a lot of people lately tell me that they are waiting for love. The single people are saying, “I am waiting for love to come”. The ones in relationships are saying, “I am waiting for my partner to change so love will come”. Or, “I am waiting for our love to improve”. The truth is that love is waiting for you!!

“Waiting” is the negative acceptance or distortion created by the human mind. Go ahead – feel what it feels like to be in the state of waiting. What does that feel like? Probably not very good, right? To create what it is that you want, you must be in your consciousness first before it can materialize in your world.

Have you made yourself ready in your consciousness to embrace, welcome and adapt to all that is about to transpire in your life? Are you ever so willing to detach yourself from the old paradigm that you are so accustomed to – to make all the positive changes that need to take place in your life in order to usher in this love? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and pull yourself out of your present complacency to take part in the creation of what your heart most desires? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and contemplate seriously in order to bring forth the love that you desire and deserve. You cannot have it simply by wishing it. You need to begin to practice thinking, talking, acting and feeling like a very loved individual in order to attain the vibration of that love.

Reflect on the priorities of your life at this moment. What interests or desires occupy your heart the most? Is love your greatest desire and priority? Are you willing to set aside each day enough time to commune and unite with the vibration of love that you seek? Are you choosing the love or simply hoping for the best? Are you becoming the love you seek?

  • Do you have the courage to have the love that you seek?
  • Do you have the faith to have the love that you seek?
  • Do you have the initiative to have the love that you seek?
  • Do you have the dependability to have the love that you seek?
  • Do you have the constancy to have the love that you seek?
  • Do you have the self-reliance to have the love that you seek?
  • Do you have the self-trust to have the love that you seek?

Procrastination has been the destruction of more victories in the love department. The average person does not begin to set her soul in order until she is on the brink of crises – procrastinating, satisfying the senses, putting off until tomorrow that which can be done today. Hear me on this one. If you can have love in 3 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, then you can also have love now!!!

Sometimes, procrastination is the result of chaos and disorder of a person’s life or surroundings, which creates the externalization of disorder in the mind, feelings, and consciousness. If you bring beauty and order into your life, you will progress more happily. Because beauty brings grace and grace brings you the perception you never knew you had.

Now, how is love waiting for you? Love is always there, always has been and always will beTo embody this concept, listen to “Love Is Here Now For You” meditation. Your Highest Self and the Universe have been loving and supporting you since the moment of your existence. The only thing that keeps you from “having love” is not experiencing complete and total courage, faith, initiative, dependability, constancy, self-reliance or self trust. If your heart desires love, then it’s already created on an energetic level. These attributes that I just listed have to be in place in order for you to actualize the love of your dreams.

I ignite you NOW with enthusiasm for the love that you seek and the love that you are! Love is waiting for you!!

“When you love life, life loves you.” Tamara Green, Loving Relationship Expert

Tamara’s 6 Mind-Blowing Secrets:

  1. Be courageous and demand love for yourself.
  2. Have faith that love is waiting for you.
  3. Take initiative for love to be your priority.
  4. Be dependably committed to getting out of your own way.
  5. Stay constant to this commitment.
  6. Have the self-reliance and self-trust that you have the capacity to actualize love.

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