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bigstock-Silhouette-young-woman-practic-44959312The 21 Days to Self-Love Meditation Experience has begun! I am very excited to be on this journey with you. Wow! There are quite a number of you who have signed up and are obviously ready to step into a higher vibration of loving yourself madly and authentically.  It’s through the higher vibration of this self-love that every part of your life will be magically touched in new and wonderful ways. For those of you who have already signed up, I want to say ‘congratulations’ for giving yourself this gift. If you haven’t signed up yet, please join in on this 21 Day to Self-Love Experience.

There is not a person out there who has embarked on a spiritual practice who, at some point, wanted to stop, distract themselves or quit altogether. Let me share with you, then, the following tips to achieve the best results for this next three weeks.

Eight Keys For A Successful Self-Love Meditation Experience

  1. Commit to the daily 10 to 20 minute meditations (here are some really great ones!) for the full 21 Days. When beginning a new practice, there is a natural tendency to cave-in and give up way too quickly. Even with the best intentions to keep going, unfortunately, about half of you will succumb to your old behaviors of self-sabotage by missing days or even dropping out all together. Is that going to be you?! I hope not!! If you find yourself hitting a wall and ready to quit, instead, please send me a brief email and let me know what’s going on. I want to help you stay the course to the full 21 days. You are not alone and have my support.
  2. Set your intention. Take one thing that you’d like to change and take it all the way through the entire 21 days. For example, if ‘putting yourself down’ is what you’d like to change, then take that issue and run it through every single daily meditation. That way, you will be able to get into every nook and cranny of that problem and release a little bit each and every day.
  3. Pick that one time per day that works best for you. Studies show that if you meditate the same time everyday, you will have a more profound result. Whether you are on the live 8:00 pm ET calls or choose to listen to the daily meditation recording links, have it be at the same time, such as, in the morning when you wake up, over lunch, after dinner or before going to bed.
  4. Pick a quiet place in your home, office, nearby beach or park (where ever you choose) that is your sanctuary. Make sure it’s a place where you will have total peace of mind, no distractions and can freely move your body (some meditations are active).
  5. Refrain from giving meaning or judgment to the thoughts, beliefs, fears, emotions and feelings that will pop during meditation. When they come, DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF. Gently smile and let them float away. Know that what comes to the surface is for a wonderful reason – because you’re ready to have them leave your mind and body. To make that happen, just be the witness and observer of the thoughts, etc. and watch it float by you. Even for the most seasoned meditator, thoughts come up. NO BIGGIE. Go ahead and notice them and let them gently float away then refocus yourself back onto the meditation.
  6. Be patient with yourself. There’s no way to do meditation wrong. As with any new practice, patience is your virtue. Be patient and kind to wonderful YOU!
  7. Wear headphones or put your phone on speaker when calling in to the live calls. Being ‘hands free’ gives your body a chance to relax and release even more.
  8. Reward or treat yourself for making this important commitment and investment. You have decided to improve the relationship that you have with yourself and that’s great!! Decide what that reward is going to be. Here are some suggestions:
    – Take a scented bath at the end of each week
    – Take yourself to that movie you’ve been wanting to see
    – Go to YouTube and watch that scene of a movie that makes you laugh hysterically. For me it’s Who’s On First by Abbott and Costello.

To listen to the audio of these tips plus a meditation called Kicking Self-Sabotage Out Your Life, go the 21 Days to Self-Love Meditation Hub. To have access to this Hub with all the free replays of each day’s meditation, you must be signed up for The 21 Days To Self-Love Meditation Experience.

“See ya” tonight! 

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