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receive picHow much of your life do you spend receiving? Most of us only take in about 10% of what is available to us. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are the lower vibration of true receiving. And it’s your thoughts, feelings and emotions that can actually block you from what you most want – love.

You can’t find love if you don’t RECEIVE

To receive is to be open.  Most people perceive this as being vulnerable. They judge being vulnerable as “bad” because of how they already had an experience of losing (or being trampled on by) love in their past. They build walls around their heart to keep from getting hurt. Do you have a fortress around your heart? If you do, then you are also blocking yourself from receiving love. What if shielding yourself from the love of another is also stopping you from loving you? Can you truly love another if you don’t truly love you? What if being and showing all of you is love? Does this resonate as true for you? You being and showing all of you is true receiving. How do you block yourself from receiving? What if receiving, or being open with what presents, is your gateway to love?

How does one take down that wall and receive? A practice of meditation is a huge benefit here.

One reason why I love meditation is that I am receiving, receiving, receiving. Even when I’m doing a healing meditation for someone else (which is sending them loving energy), I am receiving love from Creative Source.

When was the last time you took a walk and received from the nature around you? During the spring, plants and trees are putting 100% of their devotion and love into creating their gorgeous flowers and leaves. They receive from the loving source around and within them to create magnificent works of art. Nothing stops them from creating these beauties because they ‘receive and take in’ everyday. You can, too.

Get into a daily routine of receiving.
Watch this beautiful receiving meditation and make sure to subscribe to my channel!

Let’s start now by taking a walk in nature. You can do this in your imaginative mind or actually go outside and walk. Slow your thoughts by looking around you and noticing things that you’ve never noticed before. Touch the trees and plants. Notice how each one has a different vibration to it.

See if you can pick up the subtleties of energy of each tree and plant. You can do this when you allow your thoughts, feelings and emotions to melt away. Be present now. Hear the sounds – the birds chirping, the wind blowing, the children playing…. Let each sound take you deeper into a state of relaxation, openness and receiving. Smell the air, the dirt and the grass. See the colors – all the different shades of greens, browns, blues, golds, purples, reds, yellows, and oranges. You can even taste the sweetness of nature. Let yourself go. Take it all in. Feel your heart opening and receive the beauty and stillness around you.

Brick by brick, take down your fortress that blocks you from receiving love from yourself and others. Feel your heart open as that wall slowly dissolves into the Earth. Let it go. Be open. In fact, open your palms toward the sky, stretch out and open your arms – receive what’s coming into your arms and in your heart right now. Take it in. Breathe it in.

Spend the rest of your day and week receiving. You deserve it. You deserve love.


  1. Take down the walls that ‘protect you’ from hurt.
  2. Have a daily practice of receiving, such as meditation or taking a walk in nature.
  3. Start your practice now and watch this beautiful video meditation for a  deeper sense of receiving.

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