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bigstock-Chrysalis-Of-Butterfly-23950472Research shows that 87% of those surveyed would love to learn more about unlocking the gifts of their challenges. Are you one of these people?

My good friend, Judy van Niekerk, is hosting a FREE event to mark November 24th as International Day to Celebrate Your Challenges. This day is dedicated to acknowledging the gifts that challenges can bring.

To help you create the life you’d love to live, global speakers, authors and evolutionary leaders will share their 100’s of years of incredible wisdom on how to unlock the gifts that lie in each of your challenges.

As one of the presenters, I reveal the spiritual reasons for “challenges” and how to breeze through them.

Listen to a soundbite from my presentation now!

Other guests will cover topics including challenges regarding:

Lack of self-love, finances, business, relationships, sexual abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism, critical disease, loss of a loved one, divorce and much more. Each presentation is only 30 minutes in length and all are available via a FREE membership site.

To access this free membership site (where there is absolutely NO selling), log on to and you will be notified this Monday, November 24th when each presentation is going live.

And, you get of tons of gifts! Yay!

There are incredible gifts being offered by all of the guest speakers including one-to-one consults and so much more. Some gifts are limited offers only, so please make sure you sign up today and encourage your friends and family to do so, as well. You won’t want to miss out on these gifts!

Isn’t it time we each change the global conversation and begin to celebrate our challenges? Isn’t it time we take the fuel out of negativity and, instead, nurture self-forgiveness and self-love? Absolutely!

Join today on and dialogue with others around the globe who are equally dedicated to creating a shift in society’s perception to challenges. This membership site is FREE and yours to access for life! You can go back to any of the presentations anytime – FOREVER!

As Ghandi once said “Be the change you would love to see in the world”


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