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wonder womanFlirting like Wonder Woman doesn’t mean you have to dress in a strapless and skimpy outfit with a cape and red boots, however, using her confidence is an effective and fun way to get that hunk-of-a-man’s attention at your next Holiday party. Studies are showing that just standing in a ‘power pose’ for 2 full minutes while smiling is enough to boost your confidence, even for the shyest person. Social Psychologist, Amy Cudding has been researching body language and it’s effect on hormonal levels in the brain. She reports,

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.”

Therefore, you have no excuses for flirting shamelessly at your next party or coffee run at Starbucks. But first, in the privacy of your home, do Tamara’s Tip For Confidence (see below) then go out and show your stuff. If you need some flirting ideas, check out last week’s blog called Forget The Nice, Get Naughty! 13 Hot Flirting Secrets.

Tamara’s Tip For Confidence – ‘WHAM!’

Before leaving home to go on your flirting adventure, try this quick and easy tip for building up your confidence muscle:

Stand up with your feet wider than shoulder distance apart. Stand akimbo by resting your hands on your hips. Puff out your chest and lower your shoulders. Place a pencil between your teeth to keep you smiling. Hold this pose for a total of 2 minutes with relaxed breath while repeating (in your head) this ‘WHAM’ mantra at least 20 times:

I Am:

  • …Wonderful
  • …Hot
  • …Alluring
  • …Magnificent

Stay tuned for Tamara’s YouTube video tip on the Flirt Like Wonder Woman Technique (Subscribe to Tamara’s YouTube Channel) and see how easy it is to boost your self-esteem and get that juicy-looking guy’s attention. Who knows, maybe he’ll become your hero!


  • Roni says:

    I tried this, and after laughing at myself for a bit then getting creative I felt confident that I’m a cool cat and should muck around like this more often…..made me feel good anyways:)

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