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This blog is in honor of 2 amazing women – Abby Raphel, founder of The Roundtable, and Jana Flynn, a remarkable artist.

a and jBack in October, I was fortunate to be asked by Abby to speak and join in at her Roundtable event. Sitting next to me was a stunning string sculpture and the artist who created it, Jana. (See photo: Jana is on the left and Abby is on the right). So moved by her talent and her inspiring words, I asked Jana to write a description of her sculptures and the creative process she experiences. Here is Jana’s ‘artist statement’:

“My sculptures are geometrical structures created from methodical counting.  I see these pieces as alters, weaving thread on varying circular planes to create a layered mandala. They are built upon the concept of sacred geometry, and the idea that some kind of ‘perfection’ can be found within mathematical patterns.” (She other photos)

 “These pieces involve tremendous labor, detail, and time. Building the work requires a focused, meditative state, otherwise an error, a missed thread, will throw off the whole pattern and structure. Creating the sculptures is a kind of private performance, although the “performance”, or process, is in service of connecting with a state of being, rather than directly for an audience. The resulting work is a residue, or record, of an intimate meditation that I hope will continue to hold the quiet intention of its building.”

Isn’t it interesting that Jana’s description actually reflect what life is really all about – patterns, labor, focus, creating and a state of being? The Universal Laws are what life is all about, too. I am a devotee of these Laws and live by them with as much awareness as I am able. Let’s take some of Jana’s words and match them to their corresponding Universal Laws. I do this as a way of showing how we integrate these powerful Laws into our lives all the time, without necessarily realizing it. (Note: The definitions of these Laws are from my upcoming book, launching in 2016):

The Corresponding Universal Laws

1) “Perfection [found within] patterns” corresponds to the…

Law of Rhythm: Life is a series of seasons, cycles and patterns. What goes up must come down and vice versa. During the “negative” part of a cycle, a Master knows how to rise above it by focusing on the benefits of what’s to come.

 At one point, one of the Roundtable participants asked Jana, “What do you do when you’ve made a mistake with the placement of your string?” She answered, “I cut the strings and start over.” She said this in a matter-of-fact kind of way, which gave me the impression that mistakes are not the end of the world, but rather part of the artistic process. This way-of-being is in complete alignment with the Law of Rhythm.

2) “These pieces involve tremendous labor, detail, and time” corresponds to the…

Law of Gender: Every idea or seed has a gestation or incubation period. Have total faith that your goals will actualize in physical form when the time is right.

 Jana had a goal of creating this piece of art to the Roundtable community for that October evening. It took time and work and what materialized is, well, awe-inspiring.

3)Focused, meditative state” and “creating” corresponds to the …

Law of Perpetual Transmutation: Energy constantly moves into physical form. Where your mind goes, energy goes. The images you hold in your mind often materialize in your life. Energy follows thought and intention.

Jana’s visions of her piece certainly moved it into physical form.

4) ‘Private performance’ corresponds to the…

Law of Action: What materializes in your physical world is a result of your actions. If your actions and behaviors stem from fear, what materialized may disappoint you. If your actions and behaviors stem from love, what materializes may astound you.

Seems to me that the “result of Jana’s actions” is love.

5) “State of being” corresponds to the…

Law of Cause and Effect: Nothing happens by chance or outside Universal Laws. Your every action, including thought, has a consequence. This is also referred to as the Law of the Circle. Energy is magnetized and used and always returns to it’s original sender. For example, if one receives happy energy, the original source of that energy was used in a constructive way. If one receives unhappy energy, the original source of that energy was used in a destructive way. You reap what you sow.

The energy that Jana puts into her art not only has beneficial effects on her but on every heart and soul that is lucky enough to experience her creations.

Thank you!

Abby, I feel blessed to have been asked to speak at your wonderful Roundtable event. Your talent as a facilitator of deep and meaningful conversation is just one of your true gifts. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

Jana, you have inspired me through your art. Thank you for allowing me to share your talents to my readers.

Abby Raphel is a facilitator of conversations that lead to discovering purpose and taking action. She is the founder of The Redwoods Initiative, an education company focused on personal growth, business acumen and communication. She has engaged with the country’s top enterprising families, thousands of youth and is an emerging leader in the field of personal development. She promotes her creative process through Blank Canvas, The Bold Bag Mindset, Purpose Salons, Profiles of Purpose, The Unstoppable You Workshop and The Roundtable. Abby has a Master’s from NYU’s Gallatin – focusing on the intersection of education, psychology and curriculum development. She is from rural Florida and lives in NYC as an adoring dog-mom to her yellow lab, Alfredo.

The Roundtable: A dynamic group of 24 women in business who connect and provide feedback in a safe community with a goal of personal and professional development.

Jana Flynn’s art bio:

Born in San Francisco in 1980, Jana studied Painting, Drawing and Ceramics at San Francisco State University where she earned her BFA in 2003. In 2009 Jana received her MFA from Parsons The New School where she was awarded a Graduate Dean’s Scholarship. She has exhibited in galleries nationally, and her work has been presented at an number of international art fairs including Pulse NY and Aqua Miami. Jana’s work has been reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle, Ethsix Magazine, and Dislocate Magazine. Additionally, she has participated in a number of artist residencies including a fellowship at the Jentel Artist Residency Program in Wyoming, and a year-long residency at the San Francisco based non-profit, Red Ink studios.

Jana’s graphic design website:




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