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bigstock-The-image-of-two-people-in-lov-26992367What is that thing that you do everyday, in fact every second or so, where you are actually receiving?  It’s your breathing.  There is an abundance of beautiful energy that is cleansing,  healing and loving that most people take for granted much  of the time. Let’s not take your breath for granted. Get very  present with your breathing and see how grounded and  centered you become. It can actually happen quite fast.

When you spend time everyday focusing just on your breath, you are able to reduce the mind chatter and mental energy that usually cause much of your stress and struggle. Your mind loves to focus on what must happen, what you need to do, and how you must do it. Your mind is constantly busy and in many directions, trying to create your life in a certain way, with certain outcomes and results. However, when you simply focus on your inhales and your exhales, even for just a few minutes per day, you can begin to control this stinking thinking monkey mind of yours and start dancing with what presents – which brings you peace and joy.

My favorite breathing technique is one that I learned in my yoga class. Start by breathing in to 1/3 of your lung capacity and hold it for a second (don’t exhale), and then breathe even more to 2/3’s of your lung capacity (hold it for a second), and finally breathing in to the last 1/3 – filling up your lungs completely (hold it for a second) and now exhale 1/3 (hold it), 2/3 (hold it), then all the way. Again, inhale 1/3 (hold), 2/3 (hold), all the way (hold), then exhale 1/3 (hold), 2/3 (hold), and the way. Repeat this until you find your mind calming down and you becoming more and more present. When this happens, say this mantra to yourself three times:

  • Through breathing – I meet myself
  • Through breathing – I check myself
  • Through breathing – I change myself
  • If I don’t know the value of my breath – I don’t know the value of myself

This mantra is a powerful activation because meeting your True Self is acknowledging who you really are – which is so much more than your body, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings – so much more. Checking yourself is you becoming more and more aware of the things that you do that block your own truth. Judgments and victim consciousness are examples of this. Changing yourself is the act of communing with your True Self. Valuing yourself is loving you for who You really are. 

Tamara’s Tips on Breathing:

  1. Commit to 10 minutes per day focused breathing
  2. Find a breathing technique that you like and stick with it. You can do this either through my Miracle Mondays Meditations or find other methods that resonate with you.
  3. With your inhales, focus on receiving from nature and the Universe around you. With your exhales, 

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