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woman sunshineI once read that light is the most powerful emanation of all creation.

I found this out to be true because when I invoke Light into a relationship or situation, it has no chance to stay negative and disruptive. Therefore, the more Light you bring into a problem, the easier it is to dissolve all negativity. With Light, one can literally melt a heart of stone. In today’s meditation, we will super charge the energy of forgiveness with this illuminating and healing Light. It has worked for me over and over again throughout the years, has cured the most difficult situations, and it will for you, too.

Let me share with you how using the Light came to me in the first place some years ago. I had a difficult relationship with a relative of mine, someone with whom I felt intimidated and criticized. Back then, I was into people pleasing, and there was no pleasing this relative of mine. She always found something to criticize about me and it came to the point that I would absolutely dread her phone calls and visits. After a particularly upsetting time with her, I pleaded with the Universe, “Help me, I can’t take this anymore!” That night, when I felt more calm, I sincerely solicited the help from Spirit to invoke love into this situation that had me so upset. Then I fell asleep. At precisely 3:00 AM, I woke up to a vision of my relative completely surrounded in this incredible white illuminating Light. She was looking at me, smiling and was quite beautiful and I felt so happy to see her. I fell back to sleep, but upon waking later that morning, I decided that I was going to envision that powerful scene over and over again to see what would happen.

So, every night before I went to bed, I envisioned both of us being wrapped in this gorgeous loving Light. It felt so good to do this. After 3 weeks of visualizing, she called me to announce her visit the next day. Instead of feeling dread, I actually was excited to see her. My awareness was telling me that something had shifted between us. She knocked on my door and when I opened it, I could see her unhappy and sour expression, but to my wonderful surprise, this time, it only lasted for one second. Her frown turned into a wide smile showing her pearly whites. Wow! This was new.

It’s now been 13 years and she never reverted back to her old ways with me. I certainly have seen her criticizing others, but not with me anymore.  We now have perfectly lovely times together and it’s because I keep this Light going in our relationship.

As I mentioned before, today’s meditation will be a combination of this illuminating Light along with the energy of forgiveness, which creates the most powerfully transformative effect. You will embody love and compassion for yourself and the other person, which begins the healing process.

Illuminating Light And Forgiveness Meditation

Let’s begin by sitting comfortably, feet firmly planted on the floor and by getting yourself relaxed and focused. Breathe in a deep, deep breath and slowly exhale…Breathe in……slowly exhale. Again, inhale and slowly release your breath. Feel yourself getting more relaxed. Wiggle your fingers and toes and put all of your attention on them now. By putting your focus on your body, your mind slows it’s thinking. That’s good. Think of the person, the relationship or the situation with whom or which you are having difficulty. This is someone or something that has created some unhappiness or dissatisfaction in your life. Decide who or what will be in your visualization now.

First, start with attention on your feet. About 6 inches below your feet is your Earth Star, which is your deep connection to Mother Earth. She wants to assist you so let’s allow her in now. From deep within the center of the earth is an incredible, loving energy that is rising up, up, up to meet your Earth Star. It continues up into your feet, up through your legs and into your Root Chakra (at your Perineum). You may be feeling this healing and loving vibration, or you may not, but either way, know that every cell, atom and electron of your lower body is being infused with Mother Earth’s powerful energy. Let this in. Receive this… it is a grounding, harmonizing and balancing energy that begins to prepare you for the white illuminating Light that is coming. Allow this grounding energy to move up into your Sacral Chakra (2” below your belly button)…then to your Solar Plexus Chakra (2” above your belly button)…feel yourself letting go more and more as Mother Earth’s loving vibration enters into your Heart Chakra (at your chest)…you become more and more relaxed while it moves to your Throat Chakra…see your thoughts draining out of your head as it travels into your Third Eye Chakra (at your forehead)…all your thoughts are floating out of your head now…release them all… and finally the beautiful grounding energy rises up through your Crown Chakra (on top of your head) on up to the Soul Star that is 6” above your head. Take a moment to feel the cleansing effect that this energy has on your entire body. From below your feet to above your head, you are drenched in a loving and cleansing energy from Mother Earth.

bigstock-Free-Happy-Woman-Enjoying-Natu-48322043Now, coming down from the heavens is the most illuminating white Light ever and landing into your Soul Star. This Light is filled with the unconditional love from the Divine. Feel this Light emanating through every cell, atom and electron of your head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, upper-middle-lower torso, legs and feet. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, you are infused with this powerful white Light vibration from the 5th dimension and beyond. Know that this corrects, restores and maintains good relationships and calm situations. Acknowledge your feelings about your relationship or about your situation. In your mind, state the problem. Reflect on the entanglement of emotions and injuries. Confess to yourself any transgressions of yours and forgive yourself for them now… Remember, you are completely infused with the energy of unconditional love and forgiveness that heals everything. There is nothing that cannot be healed with this loving Light.

You now have the golden opportunity to heal the relationship or situation by reaching out to the person or situation and sharing this loving white Light.  You willingly send over the transforming illuminating Light of love. See how they respond to this gift that you are giving them. See them allow this Light in…into every cell, atom and electron their being starting from their Soul Star, to their head, and all the way down to their toes, then their Earth Star. The more infused with the white Light that they become, the more they are able to confess, repent and ask for forgiveness, as well. You are releasing one another and letting go of the trouble between you. The situation is infused with love, compassion and understanding. The more you forgive yourself, the more can you forgive them. The more you forgive them, the more you can forgive yourself. It’s all releasing now. You are tired of holding onto this, you are all ready to let this go completely.

Like a cocoon, you are engulfed in this loving Light. The person and the situation are now completely enveloped in this Love, Light and Forgiveness. You see yourself and the person or situation so differently now. Look at each other. See the expression of calm, of repentance, of forgiveness, of love. See all the negativity just melt away.

You are whole and complete, you authentically love yourself, you attract the relationships that you yearn for and deserve, which is based in oneness. You honor yourself and others. The energy of Love, Light and Forgiveness has released you, your relationships and your situations.

All is well…all is well…

You did a great job. Keep envisioning this every night before you go to bed. This Light along with Forgiveness will heal anything and everything.

Want more? Watch this absolutely stunning visual meditation on forgiveness that will take you to the next step to healing. Make sure to subscribe to my channel!

Sending you off with love…

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