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What happens to you when you reach for something bigger, let’s say a huge dream of yours?  I can tell you what used to happen to me. My brain would yell, “I DON’T WANT TO DO IT! I’M SCARED! I’M NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THIS!”
Even though I really wanted to achieve my goal, it was too frightening because I hadn’t experienced it yet. The fear would paralyze me and the goal was out of my reach. However, now when I step into something bigger, I’m jumping up and down with excitement yelling, “WOO HOO, I’M STEPPING INTO A NEW PARADIGM OF MY LIFE! ISN’T THIS WONDERFUL?!”  

If you are curious as to what caused this shift in me, well, it all has to do with the most important relationship in one’s life.

In this article, I’m going to share three juicy tidbits with you: 

First, I’ll reveal the secret of your most important relationship and why it needs to have top priority in your life. Second, I’ll share with you what relationship most people are focused on –  which causes much of their unhappiness. Third, I’ll disclose an incredible tool that you already have at your disposal that can be used to help you get out of your own way. Using this tool will help you actualize what you most desire.

Now, it’s time to ask the question. What’s the most important relationship in YOUR life? What relationship gives you 100% support, has your back, loves you unconditionally and even guides you? Now, you may have answered: my family member; my partner; my mentor, therapist or coach; or even, my dog.
Juicy Tidbit #1: 
Your number One most important relationship in your life is…YOU.
That’s right … YOU! 
I’m not talking about the YOU that has a name with a body, an address and telephone number. Or, the YOU that has an identity, a role or a profession. No, I’m talking about the YOU that is really YOU – your Higher Self. Interesting right? I’m in the business of helping people relate and connect with others but I’m sharing that THE most important relationship is with YOU. When you truly and authentically love your Self, then life becomes irresistible, magical and miraculous.  A great relationship with YOU needs to be your top priority. 
Juicy Tidbit #2:
Before I tell you about how to create an amazing and loving relationship with who you really are, let’s first get a good understanding of who you are not. Your lower egoic self (which causes much of your unhappiness) is NOT YOU. It’s yours, but not you. It lives through the eyes of fear, likes to be in be in control, hates changes and often gets stuck in anger, upset, judgment, blame, victimhood, anxiety, worry, guilt, competition – and this is just to name a few of it’s characteristics. Your lower self is comfortable with what’s familiar and wants to stay put, even though you may desire a change. That’s because it fears, fights or rejects that which it doesn’t understand or know.
Today, I have a partnership with my Higher Self. If I didn’t, my egoic self would have won and I wouldn’t have written this material. You see, the lower egoic self lives a fear-based life. On the other hand, when you tune into your Higher Self, you see and feel nothing but possibilities. You become a creation machine that is so excited to experience the next higher level of emotional and spiritual evolvement.  This is heart-based living, one filled with wonder, excitement, peace and joy. Work consciously with your Higher Self by having your mind and brain be at service to your heart, which is connected to Universal Consciousness that knows everything and holds no limitations. Your Higher Self has wonderful omnipotent powers and is willing and ready to act through YOU at all times.
How does one live a heart-based life? First, know that what you focus on is what you experience, so the key is to focus on what you desire, not what you fear or don’t want. When you focus on what’s bothering you it usually doesn’t feel very good. The reason why is because you are putting attention on something that’s not even true. One hundred percent of that negative self talk is simply not true! Your body is made up of about 75 trillion cells that are constantly communicating what is in, or NOT in, alignment with your Highest Self. Those who live a heart-based life are much more focused on what they desire.
Juicy Tidbit #3:
Your body is one of your Higher Levels that has an incredible partnership with your Higher Self. Your body is not you, but can be used as a vehicle to easily zero in on what’s in your Highest Good. Your body is an incredible tool that’s always been at your service, helping you tune into your Higher Self.
Let me explain further. Sometime in your life, you must have been asked this question – “Hey, what’s the matter?” The matter. Isn’t that interesting? It’s a great question because it addresses what’s literally happening on an energetic and physical level in your body. Your negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs all create matter in your body, which feels like heaviness, pains, sensations, densities, etc. By focusing on what’s bothering you, the cells in your body and the electrons (the smallest manifestation of life that become matter) within those cells are spinning around in a counter clockwise direction – which is counter to the natural flow of energy. This creates an imbalance or disharmony, which is not in alignment with your Higher Self.
When you are focused on what you are passionate about or love, you feel light. That’s because what you are telling yourself is completely in alignment with your truth – your Highest Self. The electrons within your cells are spinning in a clockwise direction, which isin fluidity and in harmony with the natural flow of energy, and it feels really good – even expanded.
Don’t you love how this beautiful body of yours communicates to you? The truth is that even when you feel emotional and physical pain, your body is loving and supporting you completely. Pain is your body’s way of saying, “Hey YOU, that negative tape that keeps running in your head is not true! I’ll keep loving you by reflecting your thoughts, which manifests as pain, until you no longer run that tape“. Pain = toxic negative thinking and beliefs, and the gift is, pain is the biggest motivator for change. Therefore, pain is your blessing and your guide.
Thank your body for that incredible truth! Use your body to help you navigate your life, answer your own questions, make decisions and choose your next path. Start by thanking your body and your Higher Self for all that they do for you every day. Remember, if your body feels heavy or painful, you are telling yourself an untruth. If your body feels light, then you are speaking and doing your truth.

Tamara’s Tips:

  1. Remember that your most important relationshipis with YOU
  2. Heavy/pain = tuned into your lower egoic self (fear-based living)
  3. Light = tuned into your Higher Self (heart-based living)

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