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This week is all about GRATITUDE. Let’s dig in deeper about what makes a ‘good man’ thankful.

As you’ll see in this week’s submission, Vik – another ‘Good Man’- tells me exactly why he is grateful to his wife, Sheryl. The trend here with all the good men that we have interviewed has been the sheer gratitude they have for the women in their lives who are unconditional in their love and unapologetically love themselves.

Read Vik’s note to his wife, Sheryl, below and get a glimpse into what brings a good man to his knees – with gratitude:

So, as I was saying to you this morning….
Thank you for always being first up and for driving the start to all of our days.
Thank you for allowing me to sleep when you get as little or less than I do.
Thank you for being gracious when I am not.
Thank you for being with that I don’t say thank you near enough!
Thank you for creating a life that is worth living and having the courage to destroy that part of you that was never you.
Thank you for a thousand things that make us work and
Thank you for entering my life “like the sun into a frozen winter world”
Have a nice day 🙂
(And I shared this with your mommy so she knows that her daughter is loved and will always be loved.)

Sheryl’s response:

Wow.  I think I’m going to share this with the world (after I wipe the wet spots off my keyboard).
Acknowledgement really does make the difference in what there is for me to do and handle in my life.  Just when it seems like it’s all “too much,” I get to know myself as someone who is powerful and capable beyond my experience or what I can see.
Thank you for the gift.
I love you.

Pay attention ladies! The following is Vik’s response to my question:

“What is it about your wife that made you fall in love with her”?

My wife is a no-bullshit woman. She has the kind of grounded-ness to care less about my superficial opinions about her make-up, her dress size, or her social views – she knows who she REALLY is, and is unapologetic for it. Although she knows I am the one, she also knows that I am a man and have inherited a lot of stupid thoughts about women. She is a giant and can look beyond my failures. Insanely sexy!!

I dug deeper and asked him “What are Sheryl’s three main attributes?”

  1. She gives of her time to make the world a better place. She will love a stranger with all her heart and stands for social justice.
  2. She is unbelievably responsible for her life, if she makes a mess in a relationship she immediately takes responsibility for the whole mess and cleans it up.
  3. She is guilt-free, drama-free, and is victim-free – she is on a mission to make a difference in the world and has no time to be that petty.

I ended it with asking Vik, “What are three attributes of your relationship?”

  1. To quote Khalil Gibran “…the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”
  2. Our relationship is authentic, there is NOTHING hidden.
  3. We learn from each other with very little ego getting in the way.

What a wonderful testimony from a ‘Good Man’ to the woman who loves him!

I hope you see this series as inspiration whether you are single or in a relationship – the love starts with you. A ‘good man’ is not looking for frills and short-term thrills. They dig deeper, love harder and are thankful every step of the way.


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