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Summer is a perfect time for sexy, flirty fun. Watch out men because you won’t be able to resist women who are performing the very effective art of sexy flirting!!

Men love flirty gestures. They feel admired and get the validation they need to approach you. Don’t think for a second that flirting is just for the singles, though. It adds so much excitement and pleasure for partners, too. It’s easy for couples to get into a rut and forget the fun and spicy side of their relationship, especially when trying to raise a family and hold down challenging careers.

Flirting, smiling, being daring and trying something new releases ‘happy hormones’, creating positive results, so don’t hold back.

Flirting, however, takes guts and confidence. It requires you to be light-hearted and open to new experiences. You may feel nervous because you are stepping out of your routine and comfort zone. That’s OK, just take a few deep breaths and do it anyway. Trust me, your efforts will be well worth it.

For a quick and easy boost to your confidence, especially if you are painfully shy, going on a first date, getting over a divorce, or just plain rusty in the flirting department, check out my very upbeat-guided meditation called Sexy Irresistible YOU. Doing so will release ‘happy hormones’, which feels great and activates your magnificent sexy YOU!.

Here are some flirting tips to ramp up your sex appeal – Ooh La La!!

Tamara’s Hot Summer Flirty Tips For Couples:

  1. Next time you are invited to a BBQ or summer party, show up separately and pretend you don’t know each other. Then, pick each other up. Have fun using pick-up lines like, “Have we met before?” or “What’s your sign?” Laugh and enjoy each other’s company.
  1. Imagine your partner as your favorite dessert. While licking your lips, say to him something like, “Later, I’m going to devour you like my favorite Hot Fudge Sundae!” Scrumptious!
  1. Before coming home from work, get the juices flowing by calling or texting your guy and telling him that you bought “a surprise” or “a naughty gift” that has to be opened… “later.” Wink, wink. Surprise him with a sex toy, edible underwear or a can of whipped cream.
  1. Tell your handsome hunk how delicious he looks, how sexy he is and how he turns you on. More winking!
  1. Be alluring by playing with your jewelry or hair while listening intently to your guy as he’s talking to you.
  1. Get an App for couples. Go ahead and Google “Apps for lovers” and see what’s out there for sexy and fun messaging with your special someone.
  1. Ask questions you don’t normally ask, such as, “What’s your wildest fantasy? I’d like to help you fulfill it.”
  1. Get ‘in the mood’ by giving him a foot rub. This will help lower the energy out of his stinkin’ thinkin’ head (the upper one). At the same time, tell him how much he turns you on or what you plan to do to him after the foot rub. Anticipation is a great way to get the energy flowing in the ‘right’ places.

Tamara’s Hot Summer Flirty Tips For Singles:

  1. At a summer gathering, smile at a guy that’s caught your eye from across the room (or patio), look away then smile at him again. He’ll keep his eyes glued onto you for sure! Keep it up until he walks over to you.
  1. Remember, men are visual and love the adventure of surprise, so on your next date, write a comment on a cocktail napkin and slide it across the table or bar counter right over to him. Make sure you’re smiling while doing this. Extra brownie points for making the gutsy move of winking, as well. What you write could be as simple as, “Nice shirt you’re wearing!” Or, “I’m having fun.”
  1. This one definitely takes guts, but it’s very effective. Let your admiration show by using your eyes to take-in every inch of that hunk you’d like to meet from across the room. With a slight smile and a slow and deliberate gaze, look at his his feet, then knees, slowly moving up to his belly, chest, throat, and finally, his eyes. Once your eyes have locked, broaden your smile, nod your head in approval, and give him a ‘thumbs up’. There will be no doubt in his mind that you like what you see. Not being able to resist you, count the seconds it takes for him to walk over and introduce himself to you.
  1. Can’t go quite that bold, yet? No problem, try this one. Wherever you’re sitting, cross your legs and make sure the foot of your top leg is pointed in the direction of the man you’d like to meet. Bob that foot up and down in his direction, which is letting him know that you are “pointing” at him. His subconscious mind will get the message that you are interested in him.
  1. Spice things up and wear red. There are many shades of red, so pick one that’s perfect for your skin tone. Again, men are visual. Studies show that men find women who wear red as very attractive. Also, show a little skin with a scooped or ‘V’ neckline. Wear a dress and show your legs. Come on! It’s summer, so wear something festive and slightly revealing! Don’t go too far, though. Stay away from that slutty look, unless you’re only interested in a one-night hookup.

This summer, be sizzling and hot by practicing the art of sexy flirting. By all means, have fun while doing it!!

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