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When the word “love” comes up in conversation, usually all kinds of judgments are made. Do any of the following statements ring true for you?

  • Finding love is difficult.
  • I’ll never find love.
  • I’m scared of losing love.
  • I’m scared of having love.
  • Why won’t she love me just the way I am?
  • Why won’t he love me the way I want to be loved?

The word “desire” conjures up some negative responses, as well:

  • My desires are never fulfilled.
  • Desires remain just that – desires.
  • My desires are unattainable.
  • I don’t know how to achieve my desires.

Now, put these two anxiety-producing words together, “love desires,” and most people are ready to throw up their hands and completely give up.

Ready to end your misery? Good, because I have some great news that will give you tremendous hope about your love desires.

Universal Truth #1: You have a Higher Self that guides every moment of your existence.

We all do. This is the part of you that actually is you, this is, the real you.

There are many names for this loving guide of yours: Higher Self, I Am Presence, True Self, Authentic Self, God Self, Divine Spark, Infinite Being Self, to name a few. Your Highest Self sees everything, has the whole picture and loves you unconditionally. What a wonderful existence life becomes when one regularly tunes into this inner wisdom and loving support.

Universal Truth #2: Time exists only in this moment.

There is no past – its already gone. Your past is only showing you what you’ve survived. Therefore, your past does not exist, that is, unless you keep bringing it back into this present moment. There is no future – its not even here yet. There is only presence – this moment.

Universal Truth #3: Having a desire means that it will actualize.

That’s right, the fact that you want something is your Highest Self  letting you know that it will materialize in your physical world.

My good friend, Thomas Bahler, who wrote and produced with Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and many other legends, wrote an incredible book titled, What You Want Wants You. These words are not only accurate, but are also another way to convey this message:

What your Higher Self sees as truth shows up to you as ‘desire’. The moment you experience desire, energetically speaking, it’s already created.  Therefore, having a desire means that you will actualize it in your physical world.

Isn’t that cool?! That’s like living with a fortuneteller who has 100% accuracy, 100% of the time!

Inhale 3 deep breaths to take this all in. Ahhhhhhh! Feels good to know this, right?

In next week’s blog, we will explore the reasons why you’re not yet experiencing your love desires and how to actually achieve them.

Until then, thank your Highest Self  for showing you the exciting life that you are creating!




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