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Dear Tamara,

In the past several years, my marriage has been on the rocks. To cope, I’ve become a spiritual seeker and have enjoyed the perspectives you impart in your monthly columns. May I ask, what are the Universal Laws and how can I use them to rebuild the relationship with my husband? I crave the closeness and sparks we used to have.

Signed: Seeker of Truth and Sparks


Dear Seeker of Truth and Sparks

What a great question! By understanding and practicing the Universal Laws, you will enhance your relationship, not only with your husband, but also with yourself.

Ready to put some deliciousness back into your marriage? Over the next three months, I’ll share the Twelve Universal Laws (four in each of my monthly columns), their meaning, and how to align with them for relationship success.

What are the Universal Laws?

The Laws are principles by which everything in this Universe is governed. In other words, they are the glue that holds everything in existence together. More than five thousand years ago, Ancient Greece and India secretly taught its guidelines, professing that perfect harmony is a possibility because of these principles. When you apply and align with the Laws, your life flows with ease and grace. When you misuse them, fear takes over and problems arise.

On a personal level, the misapplication of the Laws creates illness, limitation, despair, and a sense of separation from others, and more importantly, from Source. On a more global level, the abuse of the Laws creates violence, wars, ignorance, and misery.

The initial step to mastery is to comprehend these principles. The next step to is to put them into practice. And, there is no better training for spiritual mastery than relationships!

Understanding Universal Laws and Putting Them Into Practice:

  • DIVINE ONENESS – We are all One and deeply connected to everyone and everything else.

    Exercise: Repeat this mantra for the next three days: My husband and I are One. Make note of any changes within you or your marriage when operating from this awareness.

  • VIBRATION – Everything in this Universe vibrates and moves. (Note: Every object, sound, feeling, and thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.)

    Attention: At any given time, you and your husband are vibrating from the energy of either fear (judgment) or love (awareness).

  • ACTION – What materializes in your physical world is a result of your actions.

    Exercise: On a blank piece of paper, write down any actions or behaviors you and your husband (list yours and his separately) have taken that stem from fear, such as, criticism, jealousy, worry, finger pointing, etc. Next, record the results of these fearful behaviors. For example: I blamed him for not caring about my feelings. As a result, he shut down and wouldn’t talk to me for two days. Have you noticed that fear-based actions often result in disappointment, mistrust, or resentment?

    Now, write down any actions or behaviors you and your husband (list yours and his separately) have taken that stem from love, such as, gratitude, patience, interest, compassion, etc. For example: He helped me study for my exam by quizzing me. As a result, I aced the test. I appreciate him so much. Have you noticed that love-based actions usually result in feelings of happiness, trust, or closeness?

  • CORRESPONDENCE – As above, so below.

    Attention: Since everyone and everything is One and came from the same Source, there is no difference between you and the Universe and vice versa. Therefore, the wisdom and mysteries of the Universe lie within. To find out for yourself, commit to a daily practice of meditation or mindfulness.

Stay tuned for next month’s column where I’ll uncover the meanings and uses of the next four Laws: Cause and Effect; Compensation; Attraction; and Perpetual Transmutation.

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XOXO Tamara

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