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Hi Tamara,

After the year I just had, I need inspiration. I’m involved in a brutal divorce and need to hear that something good is in store for me for 2018. I used to have a spiritual practice, praying my gratitude to God every morning, but now, I feel nothing but exhaustion and disappointment. What do you suggest I do to feel a sense of hope again?

Signed: Empty Shell


Dearest Empty Shell

The quick answer to your question is to ask for a miracle!

I hear you and know the feeling of exhaustion and emptiness that you’re talking about. When I was caregiving my husband, David, with stage IV cancer and our son, Mark, with Lyme disease, one night, I just needed a sign of hope to keep my spirits up… a miracle to keep me going.

My husband not only survived, but is now thriving! Yay! We since wrote an international best selling book titled, Live Calm With Cancer (and Beyond…) about our cancer journey together as patient and caregiver.

For inspiration, I’m sharing this excerpt from our book, which describes the miracle that happened for us. Enjoy!

“I remember this one night where I was particularly wiped out. Throughout the day, David was feeling quite miserable and I was very worried about him. Sometimes I knew what to do, but other times his agony made me feel quite helpless. Almost in tears, I got into bed and asked, “Angels, if you’re out there, please give me a sign that we’re all going to be okay.”

What happened the next morning astounded me.

It was a bitterly cold day and I was getting ready to de-ice my car’s windows so I could take Mark to school. And there, on my windshield, was the most amazing work of art I’d ever seen. Etched into the frosty window were hundreds of perfectly formed feathers. My jaw dropped in amazement as I soaked in the beauty and magnificence of this detailed design. The morning sun was beaming so brightly and directly onto this icy sketch, it sparkled with a pure white radiance.

Wanting to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things, I quickly ran into the house and woke Mark saying, “Oh my God, you have to see this!” He immediately jumped out of bed, dressed, and met me in the driveway. He, too, couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

We checked the windshield of David’s car, but his was just frosted over with no design. Mark grabbed my cell phone and began snapping photos. From the inside of the windshield, the sun cast a golden glow, lighting up the feather motif even more.

The experience we were having was otherworldly.

Finding his voice, Mark finally asked, “Mom, how could this be? How could such an amazing design end up on our windshield?”

Spellbound, I replied, “I asked the angels to show me a sign that we’re going to be okay, and I guess this is the sign.”

Just one year prior, Mark told me that he saw a beautiful white angel in our kitchen one evening, so hearing this really excited him. “How cool!” he exclaimed.

We continued to ooh and ahh over every inch of that windshield for the next five minutes.

One of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do in my entire life was to turn on the defroster in that car. We wanted to sit in our Honda and forever gaze at the wonderful gift from the angels. We got choked up and teary-eyed when we saw the feathers slowly melting away.

To this day, Mark and I still wonder in amazement at that magical morning. The blissful memory and message, however, is etched into our minds and hearts forever.”

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XOXO Tamara

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