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Hi Tamara,

I’ve been enjoying your three-part series on the Universal Laws. Thank you for giving me a better understanding of the them and how to put them into practice. I’m happy to say that I’ve gained new insights into the relationship issues that my husband and I have been experiencing. Therefore, I’m looking forward to reading about the final four Universal Laws.

Signed: Grateful


Dearest Grateful

I’m happy to hear that this series on the Universal Laws has been beneficial!

In this three-part series, I shared that the Laws are principles by which everything in this Universe is governed and that when you apply and align with them, your life flows with ease and grace. The four Laws from last month’s column were:

  • Cause and Effect – Nothing happens by chance or outside Universal Laws.
  • Compensation – Abundance is your inalienable right as the Divine Being that you are.
  • Attraction – Like attracts like.
  • Perpetual Transmutation – Constantly moves into physical form.

Drum role please… it’s time for the last four Universal Laws.

Understanding Universal Laws and Putting Them Into Practice:

Relativity – Nothing can be bigger or smaller, lighter or heavier, better or worse, until you relate it to something.

Attention: Practice gratitude for every situation because, relatively speaking, there’s always someone else that has it much worse than you.

Polarity – Everything has an opposite: light-dark; good-bad; up-down.

Awareness Exercise: To transform your negative self-talk, it’s important to focus on what you desire more than what you don’t desire. Higher thought equals higher vibration. However, it can be difficult to concentrate on the positive when there are issues in your relationship. To help shift your focus, try this four-step exercise.

  1. List all the things you don’t want in your relationship any longer. For example: I don’t want my husband to look away when I’m trying to tell him something.
  2. One by one, turn each of the ‘I don’t want’ statements into a ‘I want’ statements. For example: I want my husband to give me eye contact when I’m trying to tell him something.
  3. Turn your ‘I want’ statements into ‘I am so happy and grateful that’ declarations. For example: I am so happy and grateful that I feel heard by my husband.
  4. What you focus on expands so with your full attention, spend five minutes each day repeating your ‘grateful declarations’. Commit to doing this for the next 30 days. Notice how things begin to shift within you… and eventually, within your relationship.

Rhythm – Life is a series of seasons, cycles, and patterns. What goes up must come down and vice versa.

Attention: During the “negative” part of a cycle or pattern in your relationship, rise above it by focusing on the benefits of what’s to come.

Gender – Every idea or seed has a gestation or incubation period.

Attention: Have total faith that your relationship goals will actualize in physical form when the time is right. Remind yourself that the Universe has your back and that all is well.

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XOXO Tamara

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