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In last week’s blog, I shared Step 1 of the Loving Touch Process, which is an energy healing technique I used with my husband, David, when he was going through his cancer ordeal.

Step 1 has three main components:
  • Simple breathing for relaxation
  • ‘Putting on the robe’ for energetic protection
  • Loving connection between the Caregiver and Loved One for a deep experience

Step 2 guides the Caregiver to direct the Loving Touch energy to the Loved One who is receiving it.

The following meditation is available in audio format, accompanied by David’s transcendent music. For a profoundly deep and loving experience, click onto this link to purchase this 2-meditation bundle: Loving Touch Process (Steps 1 & 2) 


Step 2 – Loving Touch Process: Give and Receive Loving Energy

(Note: I refer to the one giving the Loving Touch Process as the ‘Caregiver’ and the one receiving it as the ‘Loved One’.)


Ask your guides and angels to drape a golden robe of protection over your physical body. As soon as you ask, it’s being done. Go ahead and visualize yourself putting on that beautiful energetic robe of love and light. It’s glowing and illuminating and feels very relaxing to have it on. It will stay on for the rest of the day.

Now, ask your guides and angels to assist your Loved One by showering them with a light filled with healing love. You may see a color, or maybe not, just know that it’s being done as soon as you ask this.

Caregiver and Loved One

Have your Loved One sit or lay down, however they feel most comfortable. To help get their energy flowing throughout their body, begin by touching the bottom of their feet. There are energy points on the bottom of each foot. Skin to skin, fingers on bare feet, is best. But, if your Loved One is cold, socks are fine, too. In the Loving Touch Process, you (Caregiver) are not doing anything. You are the conduit between the Higher realms of healing energy and your Loved One. Again, there’s nothing for you to do. You are assisting with your willingness and presence. Loved One, you are allowing yourself to completely relax and receive. Falling asleep is perfectly fine.


Get a mental picture of angels, ascended masters or guides sending healing energy through the crown of your head, down through your arms and to the part of the body of your Loved One – at the point that your are touching. You are like an electrical cord that pulses with healing energy from the heavens above to your Loved One. You’ll feel your fingertips begin to tingle with energy. That’s good because it means that the energy points on your Love One’s feet are beginning to open up. (Note: If you don’t feel energy flowing, or fingers tingling, after about 5 minutes, it’s OK to move on. Eventually, the energy will be flowing nicely.)

Now, move your hands up to the ankles and follow the instructions from this mantra:

5 Minute Mantra:
  • Inhale… “May I be blessed.” Exhale… “May you be blessed.”
  • Breathe in… “May I be blessed.” Breathe out… “May you be blessed.”
  • Inhale… “May I be blessed.” Exhale… “May you be blessed.”
  • When you breathe in and say, “May I be blessed,” you may feel energy flowing from the crown of your head, down to your arms and out your fingertips, which is your blessing. When you breathe out and say, “May you be blessed,” your Loved One may feel energy flowing, which is their blessing.

Move your hands up to the knees and repeat the 5 Minute Mantra.

Move your hands up to the tummy and repeat the 5 Minute Mantra.

Move your hands up to the chest and repeat the 5 Minute Mantra.

Put your hands under your loved one’s neck and repeat the 5 Minute Mantra.

Now, move your hands up to the top of their head and repeat the 5 Minute Mantra.

While you are the vessel of loving energy… please know that you are truly being of love and assistance to your Loved One. The Loving Touch Process feels good for both of you.

I hope you enjoyed Step 2 of the Loving Touch Process. You did a great job! See how easy it is? To experience this meditation as a complementary audio, tune in to Miracle Mondays Meditation on September 14th. You will have 24-hour access to this powerful process accompanied by gorgeous music.

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