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Welcome to week 3 of the ‘Good Men’ Series. What I’m going to reveal in today’s blog is very exciting! Lance is the boyfriend of my client, Denise. They both gave their permission for me to share an email that Lance sent to me. Pay close attention to what Denise is doing throughout her relationship with Lance and you’ll see why it’s such a success. To put it bluntly, Lance is gaga for Denise!

From Lance:

Hi Tamara, as you know, I met Denise on an online dating site. Her light-hearted and humorous nature had my attention and heart right from the beginning. After several dates I knew, for sure, she was someone special and we became exclusive.

Denise has an infectious laugh. I am constantly doing and saying things to get a chuckle out of her. But, one time, she got me good. I was telling her a story, and, being Italian, I use my hands a lot during conversation. I was so engrossed in my story that I didn’t realize she had put her hand on my arm, blocking me from my usual hand gestures. After a while I noticed that I started skipping words and eventually couldn’t talk at all. Denise started laughing hysterically. I looked down at my arm and realized what she was doing and snatched my arm back (so I could speak). Through my laughter, I called her all kinds of names. This is an example of the kind of fun we have in our relationship, which I absolutely love.

Denise is a fan of your weekly Miracle Mondays Meditation. When I saw the benefit she was getting from it, I decided join in, too. Through my own spiritual practice, and especially after participating in your 21 Days To Self-Love Meditation Experience, I have learned to relax and love myself. As a result, I have the capacity to love Denise and my life even more. We both find that meditation has helped us during the struggles of daily life. I still sometimes dwell on the issues that concern me and I end up shooting off my mouth. I’ve learned when to put duct tape on it, though – LOL. Even so, Denise accepts me as I am. It’s one of the reasons why I love her so much.

I buy her flowers because I know how much she loves them and appreciates me for thinking of her. Therefore, she gets them often. I tell her I go into DT’s if I see her without flowers. This makes her laugh and she give me kisses. We have this wonderful give and take thing happening, a real circle of love.

I have had several relationships in my 60 years of life, but I never knew I could feel like this. I am a fortunate man to have Denise’s love and would do anything to make her happy. She certainly has my heart.

I love this letter from Lance. He shares so many vital ingredients to a loving relationship. Let’s go over the points that Lance brings up about Denise and see how she made him go gaga for her:

  • Denise is “light-hearted”. She doesn’t allow herself to focus on emotionally heavy subjects. Especially during the dating process, Denise did not talk about her ex, politics or religion. Instead, she kept things very light and fun, and continues to do so in their relationship. She encourages playful teasing and banter, which scores big with Lance.
  • Denise has an “infectious laugh” and brings laughter into their relationship almost everyday. I once read that children laugh on an average of 100 times per day, where adults only laugh between 0 – 5 times per day. Children can do this because they live mostly in the present moment. Both Denise and Lance now have a spiritual practice that helps keep their lives calm and present.
  • Lance wrote that “Denise accepts [him], just as he is” and “appreciates [him]”. As a result, Lance can’t do enough for her. An attitude of gratitude is one of the main ingredients for happy and long-lasting relationships.
  • Denise is inspiring to Lance. Her commitment to her own spiritual practice sparked an interest in him to do the same. Now, they meditate together, which is a powerful influence for calm, peace and love in their relationship.

Thank you, Lance, for sharing your wonderful message of love for Denise. Your relationship is a true inspiration to us all.

Please join Lance, Denise and the rest of the Miracle Monday community for weekly powerful and transformative meditations. Doing so enriches your live, calms your mind and fills your heart with love. Also, become a love magnet and actualize the relationship of your dreams by doing the 21 Days To Self-Love Meditation Experience. If you do, he’ll go gaga for you, just like Lance is for Denise.

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